Custom Music for Business Playlists Designed to Set the Tone

Say goodbye to commercial interruptions and annoying on-air personalities. Say hello to a continuous background music streaming service with licensed business music specifically crafted to fit your needs. A custom music player for retail store music streaming allows you to choose what your customers hear based on time and day.


  • Over 225 blends of music streaming options for businesses to mix and match
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  • Licensed retail store music for business use
  • Custom playlists update automatically to this music service each month with hundreds of new tracks for commercial use music streaming
  • Easily connects to an existing sound system
  • One single player can be used for background streaming music for business and music on hold
  • Control a single commercial music player or manage a national network using the user-friendly web interface

How It Works

Work with music expertsprogram your music playerinstall your playerplaylists updated monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the monthly service?

Customized music starts from only $34.99 per month.

How does your custom music work?

Our custom music solution is an in store music service designed specifically for use in a business environment that offers a selection of over 225 customizable genres of music to fit your brand. Expansive music libraries, easy installation, and low-cost service make it the choice of tens-of-thousands of locations in over 50 countries.

How is your customized music different from regular radio?

Our customized music is designed specifically for business use. That means you’ll never hear the following:

  • A DJ
  • A Station ID
  • A Competitor’s Commercial

How is your customized music different from music radio?

Music radio providers use the same channels for personal subscriptions and music for business subscriptions.
Advantages of using a service that is made solely for music for business are:

  • No on-air personalities or station identifications
  • Music is screened for questionable subject matter & foul language
  • Pure long-play format
  • Internet delivery: no outdoor antenna or landlord approval necessary!

What if I don’t like songs or artists in my mix?

Your brand is unique. Your customers are unique. The included web interface allows you to review and block any content that does not fit your brand. Create office music that invigorates your staff; craft restaurant music that wets the palate.

What equipment do I need to buy?

All you’ll need is the network-enabled music and messaging player. That’s it – it’s designed to plug and play with any background music system.

Can I use your customized music on hold?

You sure can! Simply plug one of the audio cables into the audio input of your phone system.

Does Dynamic Media have to install my equipment?

Nope. Plug and play installation is a snap. Really, we’re talking about five minutes. That said, our installation network covers every zip code in the lower 48 states if you need us.