Soundtrack Hardware Options

Choose the Right Player for Your Business Needs


The most versatile streaming player on the market. Built for business and supports overhead messaging.

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Soundtrack App

Use the dedicated Soundtrack player or the free Soundtrack mobile app. You can use almost any device as your player or remote control.

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Stream Soundtrack Your Brand over your Sonos products and have full control with the Sonos app.

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Soundtrack and Sonos. Music Made Easy.

Get access to the largest licensed music catalog for business. With Soundtrack and Sonos, you’ll be playing background music throughout your business in no time.

Ready-Made Sountracks

Soundtrack works like your own business radio station. You’ll get consistent music and weekly updates to avoid repetition both for you, your customers and your staff. To make it easy, you can find hundreds of ready-made soundtracks by picking any genre, sound or business type.

To get started, just add Soundtrack Player to your Sonos controller.

Built for Businesses

All soundtracks are automatically updated every week, adding new songs that fit the sound of your choice. Hear a song you don’t like? You can block the song directly from your device and you’ll never have to hear it again.

Other Hardware Solutions


This commercial hardware solution is designed to deliver easily-managed music from a platform built for stability and mix in custom messaging announcements through a robust, user-friendly portal.

  • Player stores streamed playlists locally, keeping bandwidth usage low and ensuring loss of connectivity does not disrupt playback.
  • Plug it into your audio system using a 3.5 mm audio cable.
  • Connect to your network over Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Use a PC or iOS app to control features like song skip, volume and playlist selection.
  • Manage music & messaging schedules for multiple locations through a single online web-portal.


Soundtrack Your Brand App

The iOS and Android apps let you play, create, control and find new music.

  • Schedule your music from the Soundtrack app
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • Create customized soundtracks
  • Turn Spotify playlists into soundtracks



You can access your Soundtrack Your Brand business music subscription directly through the Sonos app.

  • Soundtrack is fully integrated into Sonos for easy use and reliable connectivity.
  • No cabling needed! All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, power outlet, and a mobile device.
  • Change playlists and control your speaker(s) from the Sonos app.
  • Plug-and-play operation. Setup is easy and only takes a few minutes

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