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The Master Mix

Customization Level: Fully Custom Price: $39.99 per month
Create Your Unique Sound

Just as time and money is spent on décor, floor plan, lighting and furnishings to achieve just the right effect every retailing, restaurant, hotel or other commercial space requires a focused and tailored in store music backdrop. PlayNetwork provides the unique soundtrack that makes each space feel just right.

PlayNetwork’s Master Profile Suite offers commercial establishments the ability to create a unique sound by selecting up to five (5) handcrafted and professionally programmed PlayNetwork “Business Mixes” from a selection of over 225 options. Once you have chosen your favorite Business Mixes, PlayNetwork music programmers roll up their sleeves and blend all three of your choices into one distinctive and unique sound for your business. The end result is a music for business sound that reflects what makes your business locations a special place for your customers to spend time.

PlayNetwork’s music management system, Conductor™, enables professional programmers to blend and customize background music mixes for unique business soundtracks.

Add Some Musical Options to Your Unique Sound

The Master Profile Suite music solution is unique in that it allows you to match your unique sound with up to five (5) additional Business Mix Channel options for playback variety and depth. For example, if your unique sound is a mix of Adult Contemporary, Classic Rock and Country tracks, you can also add to your Master Profile of programming Jazz, Classical, Oldies, Blues and Reggae Mix Channels to your selections to round out your playback options and create music flexibility for your space that is unparalleled with any other professionally programmed background music or music on hold service.

Your Master Profile is carefully updated and managed for as you subscribe to ensure your in store music content is updated on a monthly basis and keep the in store music content in each business location fresh and appropriate over time. You receive updates either via CD-ROM or via the Internet. The Master Profile Suite is pre-loaded for each business location onto PlayNetwork’s state-of-the-art digital media music player.

Master Profile Suite Terms
  • Opening Music Library: Up to 60 Hours of uninterrupted music
  • Update: CD-ROM (up to 20 hours per disc) or network connection
  • Public Performance and Royalties included with your subscription