SiriusXM Internet Radio Buttons and Controls

Grace Digital GDI-SXBR1

Buttons and Controls

1. Channel Presets P1-P5
Press and hold to save channels as presets; press to access presets
2. Display Screen LCD display screen
3. Back Button Press to return to the previous screen; press and hold to return to the Main Screen
4. Speaker Button Press in/out to turn the internal speaker on/off
5. Power Button Press to turn the Radio on or off
6. Scroll knob Turn the knob to scroll through menu items. Press to select a menu item
7. Built-in Speaker Speaker to monitor the audio playing
8. Impedance Switch Selects the appropriate impedance: 8 ohm is the default for most audio devices and phone systems. IP based phone systems may require the 600 ohm setting
9. AUX In Used to connect the Radio to your phone system
10. Stereo Out (L)(R) Used to connect the Radio to your stereo audio system
11. Mono Out Used to connect the Radio to your phone system
12. LAN Connector for a wired Ethernet (Internet) connection
13. DC 5V Power connector for the supplied Power Adapter (5 volts)
14. Antenna Connector Connector for the wireless network antenna