Advanced Features

Empower Your Business with Music-Driven Tools

Enhance Your Operations with Scheduling, Overhead Messaging, Explicit Filter, and Song Blocking

Music Scheduling

Program a weeklong schedule and play what you want when you want

Overhead Messaging

Market to your customers using in-store overhead messaging (Additional Subscription Required)

Explicit Filter

Ensure only appropriate music is playing in your business

Song Blocking

Remove unwanted songs from your playlist in real-time

Advanced Features

Music Scheduling

The power to play what you want, when you want.

Drag and Drop Scheduling

Create custom weeklong schedules by dragging and dropping playlists into the calendar. The music will automatically change to the playlists on the day and time you select.

Create a Unique Sound

Blend multiple playlists in any combination and schedule the mix to play whenever you want.

Add Variety to your Vibe

Create a schedule that automatically plays different genres on different days to add variety to your vibe. 

Advanced Features

Overhead Messaging

Insert custom audio messages into your music stream. (Additional Subscription Required)

Market to your cutomers when it matters most

Create custom messages that play to your customers over your business audio system.

  • Market to your customers while they are in your business
  • Drive customers to high-margin products
  • Tell your brand story and connect with your guests
  • Invite guests to connect on social media or download your app

Central Management

Manage all messaging campaigns from a central web-based portal.

  • Update and distribute campaigns in seconds
  • Create campaigns corporately or segment by region


Full Message Production Support

Our production team provides services from message scripting to production to campaign development.  

Content Management

Explicit Music Filter

Peace of mind is as easy as flipping a switch

Activate the Explicit Lyrics Filter to block all explicit songs at all locations

You will still be able to use playlists and stations that include explicit songs, but the songs will be blocked by the player

Content Management

Song Blocking

Remove unwanted songs from your playlist with a click

Block any song from any playlist in real time

View a full list of previously played songs and block songs that played days or weeks earlier

Blocked songs will stay blocked unless they are intentionally unblocked

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