Control & Management

Streamline Music Control for All Your Locations

Effortlessly Manage Players, Playlists, and Music in Real-Time with Central Portal Control

Central Control

Control all your music & players from a central online portal

Real-Time Management

Update music and check player health status in real-time

Restrict Playlists

Restrict playlists so your locations can play only approved music

Delegate Control

Allow managers to select music while maintaining corporate

Control and Management

Central Control

Control all your music, messaging, and players without leaving your desk.

Maintain Visibility into Everything

See what’s playing anywhere at any time from anywhere in the world. Adjust volume, skip tracks, change playlists, and view a chronological list of all songs played in any location. 

Create and Control your Brand Sound

Create and distribute playlists, stations, music schedules from a central online portal.

Centrally Manage Messaging Campaigns

Centrally create and distribute overhead messaging campaigns. 

Start using music to create unique and memorable brand experiences.  Book a demo to see the Soundtrack Portal in action.

Control and Management

Real-Time Management

Monitor and instantly update your players and music in real-time.

Real-Time Health Status

Identify potential issues in seconds with access to real-time health data on every player in your network. 

Real-Time Music & Messaging Control

See what’s playing now in any location. Create new playlists, schedules, and messaging campaigns and instantly play them at any location. 

Real-Time Player Access

Instantly access, update and manage players in real-time—block songs with immediate effect. Add, delete, and move players between locations with a couple of clicks.  

Control and Management

Restrict Playlists

Restrict access to music so your locations can only play approved content.

Limit Playlist Options

Give your remote managers the ability to select from a group of playlists that have been vetted and approved by the corporate brand team. 

Keep Remote Sites On-Brand

Since remote managers can only select from approved playlists, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that every location’s music is on-brand and rightly presented.

Connect Music to the Mood of the Moment

Different playlists made up of various genres and styles give managers powerful tools to connect the vibe of the business to the mood of the moment. 

Control and Management

Delegate Control

The flexibility to control the music centrally, or delegate access to regional managers or individual sites.

Full Corporate Control

Music is selected and managed by the corporate brand team. Remote locations do not have the capability to select or change the music.

Corporate Control with Local Choice

The corporate brand team selects a group of on-brand playlists. Local managers have the ability to select music, but only from the list of approved options.


Full Local Control

Local managers have full access to the Soundtrack catalog to select stations, create playlists, and manage the music for their location or group of locations.

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