Music for Franchises

Elevate Your Franchise with Strategic Music Programs

Tailored Solutions for Franchise Companies of Any Type or Size

You’ve obsessed over every detail of your brand

Your music should be no different



Control the Music

Create original playlists that show the heart of your brand, or pick from hundreds of professional ready-made playlists.

Control the access

Play a single playlist at all locations, or let your franchisees select from a list of approved content. 

Control the players

You’ll always know what’s going on with real-time portal access to every player, playlist, and messaging campaign. 

control the messaging

Insert custom audio ads between songs and turn your franchisee sopeaker systems into a powerful marketing tool. 

franchise discounts

Leverage your location count for significant discounts on music services, messaging, players, and commercial audio gear.

Program Showcase Website

Look professional with a co-branded website to showcase your music program and ensure frictionless online transactions. 

Flexible billing

Flexible billing means you can markup and rebill franchises for value-added services, or we can invoice each franchise directly.

Installation everywhere

Our network of 8,500 field technicians install equipment and provide on-site service in every U.S. zip code.

Make your franchise concept sound as good as it looks.

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brand-Music alignment

If your music isn’t strategic 

you are falling behind

Deliver a powerful customer experience with music tailored to your brand.

Instant Music

Instant access to hundreds of professional playlists and thousands of artist stations.

    • 550+ Professional Business Playlists
    • 7,500 Artist Stations

Semi-Custom Music

Use Soundtrack Smart Tools to create stations tailored to your brand.

    • Create a station using Sound Tags
    • Create a station using Spotify

Full-Custom Music

Create song-by-song original playlists that show the heart of your brand and connect with your customers.

    • Import Playlists from Spotify
    • Create a Playlist in Soundtrack

Make your franchise concept sound as good as it looks.

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Compliance and Oversight

Keep all of your locations

sounding exactly how they should

Corporately control the music, delegate music selection to the franchisee, or something in between.

Option #1: No Franchisee Control

All locations play the music assigned by corporate. 

The corporate team selects, updates, and distributes the music for all locations. The corporate team centrally manages the music and is completely hands-off for the franchisee.

Option #2: Partial Franchisee Control

Franchisees select from approved playlists.

The corporate team selects a group of approved playlists and lets the franchise choose from the approved content. Partial Franchisee Control is a great way to keep locations on-brand while also giving them some flexibility.

Option #3: Full Franchisee Control

Franchisees play whatever they want.

The franchisee has complete control of the music at their location. Franchisees can access the Soundtrack music library and play any content they desire.

Make your franchise concept sound as good as it looks.

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Value-Added features 

Included in all Soundtrack Franchise Programs

Corporate Discounts

Offer your franchisees discounts on music, messaging, and hardware that is only available through the  franchise program you negotiated.

Dedicated Sales Team

All your franchisees will have access to a dedicated team of business music experts fully versed in your specific music program.

Music Concierge

Our team of music experts will help you select or create music designed to target your customers and drive your brand. 

Flexible Invoicing

Flexible invoicing means you can rebill franchisees and earn value-added management services, or we can invoice each franchisee directly. 

Frictionless Startup

Product Showcase Website

Communicate your music program across the enterprise without missing a beat.

Custom Website

Dynamic Media will design and host a professional website at no cost to serve as the communication centerpiece of the music program. 

Program Details

The website will outline your custom program elements including recommended playlist selections, audio system options, and value propositions.


The website will be co-branded with your logo and Soundtrack Your Brand to align your brand with the leader in the business music industry.



Most websites will include a custom eCommerce portal for direct online purchases. Franchisees can also purchase directly from their dedicated account executive. 

Make your franchise concept sound as good as it looks.

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Remote access and control

Real-Time Management

Monitor and instantly update your players and music in real-time.

Real-Time Health Status

Identify potential issues in seconds with access to real-time health data on every player in your network. 

Real-Time Music & Messaging Control

See what’s playing now in any location. Create new playlists, schedules, and messaging campaigns and instantly play them at any location. 

Real-Time Player Access

Instantly access, update and manage players in real-time—block songs with immediate effect. Add, delete, and move players between locations with a couple of clicks.  

Make your franchise concept sound as good as it looks.

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Service and Support

Prepare for White-Glove Support

We care about service because service is what matters most

8,500 Technicians

With our network of 8,500+ technicians, there isn't a location in the USA that we can't support.

On-site coverage across the U.S.

All techs are trained and certified

Insured, professional, and reliable

Technical Support

Our technical team developed the hardware platform, which means we know how to support it.

Extensive knowledge of Soundtrack products and services

All technical support based in Michigan, USA

Project Management

The success of any enterprise program begins and ends with effective project management. That's why it's our key focus.

Highly experienced project management team

Data driven, service-oriented, obsessive focus on the details


Our warehouse team not only stocks and ships gear, but they preconfigure players and systems to ensure plug-and-play installation.

Central warehousing operation that stocks, stages, configures, and ships all equipment for enterprise programs

Ways to Listen

Your Music Partner

About Dynamic Media

The global leader in enterprise background music programs

18 Years of Experience

We are the largest and fastest-growing business music reseller in the world, serving 50,000+ customers in 45 countries.

Enterprise Music Experts

We will use our 20 years of experience to develop an enterprise music program that drives your brand forward. 

Turn-Key Programs

We will handle your music program from design to execution to post-installation support as your single turn-key partner. 

Based in the USA

All sales, support, operations, and development operations have been U.S.-based since our founding 18 years ago.  

Trusted by 50,000+ customer in 45 countries

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my company qualify for a Soundtrack Franchise Music Program?

All franchise organizations of all sizes qualify. We have been doing this for almost 20 years. Some of our largest clients started as a franchisor with a couple of locations. We know many of you will end up in the same place and we want to take the journey with you.

We are here to amplify your brand with amazing music, strategic messaging, and frictionless franchisee onboarding. Nobody knows franchise music programs like we do. Music will set you apart from the competition, and we want to partner with you to accomplish that goal. 

How do I get started?

Contact our enterprise team by completing our Enterprise Contact Form. We’ll set up an introductory call with you to discuss your goals and objectives. We’ll also talk through best practices. Finally, we’ll set up a screen share where we’ll provide a live system demonstration and a presentation deck outlining your custom program and pricing.

Still, have questions about what is best for your business?

Our team is standing by to help.

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