Frequently Asked Questions

What are the firewall requirements for PlayerOne?

Your firewall needs to be open to outgoing traffic for the Soundtrack service to work. The PlayerOne does not require ports to be opened to inbound traffic. The following ports will need to be opened to outbound traffic: Whitelist URLs | * | * Open Ports | 80 (TCP) – HTTP | 443 (TCP) – HTTPS | 53 (UDP/TCP) – DNS | 123 (UDP) – NTP

What type of network configurations does PlayerOne Support?

PlayerOne supports DHCP and static IP addressing. The player can connect using Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connections.

What is the warranty on PlayerOne?

PlayerOne comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. In addition, you can purchase a 5-year extended warranty for $59.99, which provides you with advance replacement service.

In other words, if there is an issue with the player, we ship a new one as quickly as possible, keeping uptime as high as possible. It’s a small cost for a device that will be running 24x7x365 for the next decade or more. The extended warranty option will be available during checkout.

How many sound zones does PlayerOne support?

PlayerOne is a single-zone player, which means it will support one music stream. If you have multiple music zones in your business, you will need a PlayerOne to support each zone.

Are there any commercials on Soundtrack?

No, you will never hear a commercial on Soundtrack. Even if you use a free Spotify account to create your playlists, you will never hear a single commercial on Soundtrack.

Can I use a free Spotify account with Soundtrack?

Yes. You can sign up for a free Spotify account, create unlimited playlists, and import them into Soundtrack to play legally in your business.  Paid accounts work too, so feel free to use whichever you’d like.

Can I import and play all Spotify playlists, even if someone else made them?

Yes, every public playlist on Spotify is available for you to play in your business. This includes playlists programmed directly by Spotify along with the millions of amazing user-generated playlists.

How do I decide what Soundtrack plan to choose?

Soundtrack provides three plans: (1) Essential, (2) Unlimited, and (3) Enterprise.

The Essential Plan gives you access to Soundtrack’s instant music and semi-custom music options. This includes thousands of ready-made business playlists and artist stations. The Essential Plan does not allow you to create custom playlists. Select Essential if you want to choose from ready-made business playlists but do not plan to create custom playlists.

The Unlimited Plan gives you all of the ready-made content available in Essential, plus the ability to create custom playlists and fully interact with the music. Select Unlimited if you plan to create custom playlists or if you want to import Spotify playlists and play them legally in your business. Unlimited also allows you to fully interact with the music. In other words, select Unlimited if you want to skip unlimited songs, queue songs, jump to any song in a playlist, and enjoy complete musical freedom like you do when using your favorite personal service.

The Enterprise Plans are for franchise organizations or businesses with 50+ company-owned locations. Contact our enterprise team to build a custom music program that meets and exceeds your business music dreams.

Does Soundtrack have an enterprise division for multi-site businesses?

Yes, we specialize in enterprise music programs! Soundtrack is a true enterprise platform that shines brightest in large, geographically distributed music networks. You won’t believe how good it is.

We build custom programs for franchise organizations and businesses with 50 or more company-owned locations. The programs include discounted pricing, co-branded websites, playlist curation, custom eCommerce portals, and whatever you need to make music a strategic assest for your business.

Contact our enterprise team today for a free consultation with our enterprise account team, or click on your business type to check out our enterprise programs.

Soundtrack Franchise Programs | Soundtrack Corporate Programs 

Is Soundtrack easy to use?

Yes, Soundtrack is extremely easy to use. Our team will provide you with end-to-end training for your staff, and we are always here to support your needs. Soundtrack is so easy to use that you’ll be an expert in 15 minutes.

In addition to training, we also provide free music concierge services, which means we’ll help you pick the best playlist for your business, help you create a schedule, or even help you create a custom playlist.

Our goal is to be your music partner for the next decade and beyond; excellent service is how we make that happen. So give us a shot – you’ll be happy that you did.

Can I use Spotify in my business?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your personal Spotify account to play background music in your business.

Consumer streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM are NOT LEGAL for business use because none of them have the performance licensing that the law requires (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR). You can check out Spotify’s terms of service to see for yourself.

The good news is that Soundtrack gives you all the music flexibility of Spotify but with features to control and monitor your music and players in real-time.

With features like central management, custom playlisting, and hundreds of ready-made business playlists, Soundtrack is the best way to modernize your sound while avoiding the legal risks of using an unlicensed personal streaming service in your business.

What is the difference between Soundtrack Your Brand and Spotify?

Think of Soundtrack Your Brand as Spotify Music for Business. In fact, Soundtrack launched as Spotify Business in 2013. It was so successful that Soundtrack was formed into its own company with a charter to give businesses access to all the music in the world and the capability to play what they want, where they want, when they want.

After $50M of investment and 16,000+ unique licensing deals, Soundtrack gives businesses new technology and capabilities far beyond everything the industry has seen.

Soundtrack’s massive music catalog is as extensive as most consumer services and allows business owners to create custom song-by-song playlists.

Soundtrack is the only platform that allows you to unlock the power of music for your business. Contact us for a demo if you are using an old, legacy platform by Mood Media, PlayNetwork, Cloud Cover, or any of the others. Once you see Soundtrack, you’ll never look back.