Soundtrack on Sonos

Play Soundtrack over Sonos speakers directly from the Sonos App.

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Ways to Listen

Sonos Speakers

Control your Soundtrack Music from the Sonos App.

Let Your Staff Control the Music

Add the Soundtrack Player to your Sonos Controller app and enable your staff to select the songs. 

Restrict Playlists

Restrict your staff to only on-brand music approved by company leadership. 

Explicit Lyrics Filter and Song Blocking

Control the explicit filter from corporate to ensure your guests only hear clean music, and allow your staff to block any song in real-time that does not fit your vibe.

Soundtrack and Sonos

Music Made Easy.

Get access to the largest licensed music catalog for business. With Soundtrack and Sonos, you’ll be playing background music throughout your business in no time. 



Ready-Made Sountracks

Soundtrack works like your own business radio station. You’ll get consistent music and weekly updates to avoid repetition for you, your customers, and your staff. To make it easy, you can find hundreds of ready-made soundtracks by picking any genre, sound, or business type. 



Built for Businesses

All soundtracks are automatically updated every week, adding new songs that fit the sound of your choice. Hear a song you don’t like? You can block the song directly from your device and you’ll never have to hear it again.

Unlock the Power of Music for Your Business.

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Instant Music

Get instant access to hundreds of professional playlists made for your industry and target market.


550+ Business Playlists


7,500+ Artist Stations

Available in Essential and Unlimited

Semi-Custom Music

Use Soundtrack Smart Tools to instantly create stations tailored to your brand.


Create a Station with Spotify


Create a Station with Sound Tags

Available in Essential and Unlimited

Full-Custom Music

Create song-by-song original playlists that show the heart of your brand and connect with your customers.


Import Spotify Playlists


Create a Playlist in Soundtrack

Available in Unlimited Only


Advanced Features

Music Scheduling

Overhead Messaging

Block Songs

Explicit Music Filter

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Control & Management

Central Portal Control

Delegate Control

Restrict Playlists

Real-Time Management

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Soundtrack Player App

Play and manage your music from your iOS, Android, and Windows mobile device

PlayerOne Hardware Player

Dedicated commercial hardware player that features Soundtrack music, Wi-Fi, and overhead messaging


Play Soundtrack over your Sonos speakers and control your music from the Sonos App

Soundtrack Essential

Get immediate access to 550+ professional ready-made instant playlists and 7,500+ artist stations, and easily create custom stations tailored to your brand.

Plan Includes


Instant Music


Semi-Custom Music


Soundtrack Unlimited

Incudes everything in Essential plus the ability to create original song-by-song playlists, import Spotify playlists and make them legal, and access to unlimited on-demand music options.

Plan Includes


Everything in Essential


Create Custom Playlists


Soundtrack Enterprise

Strategic music programs for all franchise organizations and companies with 50+ remote locations. The control you need to keep your sites managed and on-brand.