Maximize Your Music Experience: Uniting Soundtrack Music and Messaging

Introducing PlayerOne: The Game-Changing Device for Immersive Music, Interactive Messaging, and Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity


PlayerOne Features

Designed from the ground up for business use

Integrated Messaging

Integrated overhead messaging and message on-hold (Additional Subscription Required)

Works Everywhere

Works with any network and any commercial audio system

5-Minute setup

All players are preconfigured for plug-and-play set up at the endpoint

Soundtrack dedicated Player

Meet PlayerOne

Commercial music player with overhead messaging and Wi-Fi.

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Enterprise Platform

The ultimate platform for large, multi-site businesses and global enterprise clients.

Overhead Messaging

Insert custom marketing messages between songs at any interval you desire. (Additional Subscription Required)

High Reliability

Designed using commercial components to support the rigors of 24×7 business use.   

Central Control

Control all your players and playlists in real-time from an easy-to-use online interface.

Off-Line Playback

PlayerOne downloads your playlist, so the music never goes offline, even when the internet does. 

Integrated Wi-Fi

PlayerOne connects to Wi-Fi and wired networks using DHCP or Static IP addressing. 

Advanced Features

Integrated Messaging

Insert custom marketing messages into your music stream that play over your business speaker system. (Additional Subscription Required)

Overhead Messaging

Speak to your customers when it matters most. Promote items, talk about your brand, or ask customers to download your app or connect on social media.

Message On-Hold

Reduce perceived wait times and market to customers while they wait on hold. PlayerOne connects to any phone system with an on-hold input. 

Message Production Services

Our production team has been creating custom messages for over 20 years. We’ll work with you to write scripts, design messaging strategies, and even handle your campaign from end to end.

Easy Installation

Works Everywhere

Plug it in and watch it go. Connect PlayerOne to power, internet, and audio. The player will connect to the cloud services and begin playing music in minutes.

Great for a single location or a global enterprise

Connects to any network using Wi-Fi or Wired

Connects to any commercial audio system

Centrally control using the Soundtrack Portal

Trusted by Thousands of Global Businesses

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Easy Installation

 5-Minute Setup

Every PlayerOne and Portal account is preconfigured to ensure setup in 5-minutes or less. No technician required.

Place Order

Place your order online or call us at 586-693-1103

Player Setup

Our technical team will configure your player and set up your portal prior to shipping

Ship to site

Our warehouse team will ship same day or next to your desired location

Plug and Play

Connect the power, internet, and audio. The player will automatically connect to the service and begin playing music.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many sound zones does PlayerOne support?

PlayerOne is a single-zone player, which means it will support one music stream. If you have multiple music zones in your business, you will need a PlayerOne to support each zone.

What is the warranty on PlayerOne?

PlayerOne comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. In addition, you can purchase a 5-year extended warranty for $59.99, which provides you with advance replacement service.

In other words, if there is an issue with the player, we ship a new one as quickly as possible, keeping uptime as high as possible. It’s a small cost for a device that will be running 24x7x365 for the next decade or more. The extended warranty option will be available during checkout.

What type of network configurations does PlayerOne Support?

PlayerOne supports DHCP and static IP addressing. The player can connect using Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connections.

What are the firewall requirements for PlayerOne?

Your firewall needs to be open to outgoing traffic for the Soundtrack service to work. The PlayerOne does not require ports to be opened to inbound traffic.

The following ports will need to be opened to outbound traffic:

Whitelist URLs | * | *

Open Ports | 80 (TCP) – HTTP | 443 (TCP) – HTTPS | 53 (UDP/TCP) – DNS | 123 (UDP) – NTP

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