Soundtrack Essential

Get instant access to hundreds of professional playlists made for your industry and target market. The Essential Plan includes all instant music and semi-custom music options. See the full description below for complete details. Please select the Soundtrack Unlimited Plan if you plan to make custom song-by-song playlists.

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Annual $419.40
Soundtrack App - Free
PlayerOne $179.99
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5 Years $59.99
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Soundtrack Essential Subscription

Available for use on all Soundtrack Players including PlayerOne, Sonos, and the Soundtrack Player App.

58+ Million Licensed Songs

The largest business music library in the world by a lot!

550+ Ready-Made Business Playlists

Professional playlists made for your industry and target market

7,500+ Artist Channels

Stations by your favorite artists and others like them

New Playlists Every Month

Fresh content for every season, holiday, and event

Music Scheduling

Program a weeklong schedule and play what you want when you want

Real-Time Central Control

Control all your music and players in real-time from a central online portal

Pick Your Player

Play from a dedicated hardware player, your mobile device, or Sonos

Explicit Lyrics Filter

Block all explicit songs and remove unwanted songs in real-time

Overhead Messaging

Market to your customers using in-store overhead messaging. (Additional Subscription Required)

Soundtrack Player App

Meet the Soundtrack Player App

You can now play the songs you want when you want. The world’s biggest catalog of licensed music is available to play in your business. You can choose every song or just press play for instant stations and ready-made playlists. With the Soundtrack Player App, you can centralize your music management and enjoy brand-fit music that is simple and intuitive.

The player app supports all subscription plans

The Soundtrack Player app supports Soundtrack Essential and Soundtrack Unlimited Subscription plans


The ultimate business music streaming service

  • 58+ million songs
  • 550+ playlists designed for business
  • 7,500+ artist stations
  • Song-by-song playlist creation
  • Import Spotify playlists
  • Music-matching stations


The tools to manage your music

  • Explicit lyrics filter
  • Weekly scheduling
  • On-demand playback
  • Centralized music management
  • Offline playback for high reliability


Licensing is covered in your monthly rate

Full licensing that allows you to stream, store music, and play any song on demand

Become the curator, save money, and engage your customers like never before

Fitting your brand should always be this easy, it should be as fun as personal streaming, and it should be accessible to everyone no matter their level of musical expertise.


Ready-Made Playlists

There are hundreds of playlists specially designed for your industry, refreshed every week and long enough to last all day long.


Create Playlists Easily

Import Spotify playlists and keep only the songs you want, build a custom playlist from scratch, or let Soundtrack generate stations of music that match your brand, target market, and energy level.


Personalized Recommendations

Search for your favorite songs and artists and Soundtrack will suggest playlists and similar music that is ready for you to edit however you want.


On-Demand Everything

You can play what you want when you want with on-demand playback.


> Download PlayerOne Broschure


Welcome to PlayerOne

The most advanced music and messaging platform on the planet.

Soundtrack Music

PlayerOne is a full-function Soundtrack Your Brand media player that extends the Soundtrack service to include messaging and wireless connectivity. PlayerOne supports all native Soundtrack features, including playlist download, off-line playback, bandwidth throttling, and scheduling. PlayerOne’s music features are managed directly from the Soundtrack Portal.


Business Messaging

PlayerOne’s state-of-the-art platform supports overhead messaging and on-hold messaging. All messaging functions are centrally managed from the Dynamic Media Messaging Portal. Log in from anywhere worldwide to upload messages and build and distribute campaigns to a player or group of players.

Wireless Connectivity

PlayerOne supports both wired and Wi-Fi network connection types. The player also supports DHCP and Static IP addressing to ensure compatibility with any business networking environment.


Enterprise Hardware

PlayerOne is built from the inside out with long-term use in mind. With its commercial-grade processor and memory, the player is designed for the rigors of 24x7 business use.

Music Features

PlayerOne connects your business to the most powerful music platform in the world.

Soundtrack Music

PlayerOne is a single-zone enterprise-grade Soundtrack media player. Pair PlayerOne to a Soundtrack zone and connect hundreds of business playlists updated monthly with fresh content. PlayerOne works with the Soundtrack Remote App and supports both Essential and Unlimited subscription types. It offers everything you expect from a world-class player and a whole lot more.


Explicit Lyrics Filters and Song Blocking

Nothing upsets customers faster than offensive music. Use the explicit lyrics filter to automatically block all explicit content. Don’t like a song? Remove it from your playlist in seconds with the Block Song feature. It’s the most advanced content filtering platform ever created.


Import Personal Playlists

Do you have a playlist that is perfect for your business? Soundtrack allows you to use it. Simply create your playlist in Spotify, import it into Soundtrack, and the system will instantly build a licensed version of your playlist that is legal to use in your business.

Local Playback = High Reliability

The days of music cutting in and out are over. PlayerOne solves this problem by downloading playlists when bandwidth is available and then playing the music from its local hard drive. Not only does this cut PlayerOne’s bandwidth usage down to almost zero, but it ensures your music never goes offline, even when the Internet does.


Program Music Schedules

Create week-long music schedules in the Soundtrack Portal and assign them to a single player or a group of players. Schedule PlayerOne to automatically turn on and off at business open and close. Combine playlists to create your very own custom sound, or connect to the spirit of the season by mixing in seasonal and holiday content.

Messaging Features

Enterprise messaging should be intuitive and easy. PlayerOne makes that truth a reality. (Additional Subscription Required)

Central Portal Control

PlayerOne’s state-of-the-art messaging features are controlled in real-time from anywhere in the world via the Dynamic Media Messaging Portal.


Overhead Messaging

Log in to the Dynamic Media Messaging Portal to upload messages, build messaging campaigns, and distribute them to a player or group of them. Once assigned, the player will automatically insert messages into the Soundtrack music stream between songs at any time interval you desire.


On-Hold Messaging

PlayerOne can be used as a music-on-hold device or as a stand-alone message-on[1]hold repeater. Connect PlayerOne to your phone system and remotely manage your on-hold and messaging using any Internet connection via the Dynamic Media Portal.

Use the Dynamic Media Portal to create messaging campaigns in minutes through any Internet connection.

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