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“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” ― Leo Tolstoy


Started in 2004 in a 500 square-foot office by brothers Ryan Santangelo and Pete Santangelo, Dynamic Media today stands as the world’s largest and fastest growing value-added reseller of music for business services, message on-hold, in-store messaging, and commercial audio systems. With offices in the United States and Canada, Dynamic Media serves billions of songs each year to a global customer base of over 50,000 clients.

Music Built For

Music Specialists

We love music. We love business. We love our customers. From being in the business for over 17 years we understand the emotional power of music, and we understand how to take that power and put it to work for your brand, for your customers, and for your employees.

Global Industry Leaders

It is our passion for music that has fueled our rise to become the largest music for reseller in the world. We support only the world’s music top platform through which we serve billions of songs annually to our global customer base of over 50,000 clients.

Multiple Music Services

We are not interested in selling you something that isn’t right for your business. That’s why we represent both SiriusXM and Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify) business music services. As 17-year experts in the industry, our experienced team will advise you on the best platform for your business needs.

Licensing Experts

Licensing is a huge part of what we do. Not only do we understand business music licensing, but we have long-standing relationships with the Performance Rights Organizations. We know the ins-and-outs of any licensing situation imaginable. Let our team give you the licensing guidance to keep your business in compliance.

17+ Years of Experience

Dynamic Media launched in 2004 with the signup of our very first business music subscriber. Things just exploded from there. Seventeen years later Dynamic Media is a global force in the music for business industry. With a love for music and heart for customer service, we stand today as the largest and fastest-growing music for business reseller in the world.

Playlisting and Curation

We view each playlist as a conversation between the heart of your brand and the spirit of listener. The right music will make all the difference in how your employees and customers interact with your business. Today’s modern platforms, like Soundtrack, make creating an engaging brand conversation inexpensive and efficient.

Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) Division

Our SMB division is the beating heart of our organization. This division supports clients with between 1-and-100 locations. Our SMB staff provides expert-level consulting in areas like music platform, channel and/or playlist selection, audio system configuration, and messaging applications.

Enterprise Division

The Dynamic Media enterprise group designs, executes, and manages custom music-for-business programs for organizations between 100-and-10,000 locations. Each of our enterprise deployments are custom in every way. From program websites to ecommerce portals, no job is too complex for our Enterprise team.

Franchise Program Division

Our Franchise team sets the standard in franchise-based music programs. We understand the elements that are most important to both franchisee and franchisor. Central control, on-brand music, and frictionless on-boarding to name a few. Let our team show you what we’ve done in the past for others, and what we can do for your franchise organization.

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