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The World’s Largest Reseller of Background Music Services and Commercial Audio Systems

Started in 2003 in a 500 square-foot office by brothers Ryan Santangelo and Pete Santangelo, Dynamic Media today stands as the world’s largest and fastest-growing value-added reseller of music for business services, message on-hold, in-store messaging, and commercial audio systems. With offices in the United States and Canada, Dynamic Media serves billions of songs each year to a global customer base of over 50,000 brands.


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Global Leaders in Background Music for Business


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Our unwavering passion for music has propelled us to become the world’s largest music reseller, exclusively supporting top-tier global music platforms. Annually, we deliver billions of songs to our extensive global customer base of over 50,000 brands, reaffirming our industry leadership.

Custom Audio Messaging

In-Store and
On-Hold messaging

At Dynamic Media, we fuse our love for music, business, and customers to harness the emotive power of music for your brand. With decades of industry experience, we expertly translate this power into an enriching experience for your customers and employees, amplifying your brand’s resonance.

Licensing and Royalties


We excel in navigating the complexities of music licensing. Our longstanding relationships with Performance Rights Organizations and comprehensive understanding of licensing scenarios empower us to provide the guidance you need to keep your business compliant and protected.

National Technical Network

8,000+ Certified Technicians

Dynamic Media prides itself on having a network of over 8000 certified technicians, strategically positioned across the United States to ensure swift and efficient service to businesses in every corner of the country. Our dedicated project team holds the capability to dispatch technicians to any zipcode nationwide, underpinning our commitment to provide immediate assistance and seamless support. Whether it’s a routine check or urgent troubleshooting, our wide-reaching, expert technician network ensures your business operations are always backed by unparalleled professional support.

Enterprise Music Programs

Strategic programs with a global reach

Dynamic Media is a specialized provider of enterprise music programs, delivering bespoke audio solutions to multinational corporations worldwide. Our unmatched industry expertise allows us to develop and execute tailored sound strategies that align perfectly with a company’s brand identity and business objectives. Leveraging our deep understanding of the unique requirements of global enterprises, we ensure a harmonious blend of music, business, and technology, facilitating immersive customer experiences and enhanced workplace productivity.

Audio Systems and Hardware

Global manufacturer and supplier

Dynamic Media stands as a leading global manufacturer of business media players and commercial audio systems, curating high-quality, technologically advanced solutions for businesses of all scales and industries. Our crafted products consistently deliver superior audio performance, empowering businesses to shape captivating auditory experiences that align with their brand ethos and engage their audience effectively.

SiriusXM Master Reseller

Best for
Small Business

Unlock the SiriusXM experience that’s trusted by over 40 million subscribers in your business.

  • 240+ professionally-designed music channels
  • 100+ extra channels designed for special occasions, holidays, and more
  • Family-friendly music with no ads
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo

Soundtrack Global Premium Reseller

Best for

Get Spotify for your business, including the world’s largest music library and custom playlisting.

  • The largest library available – over 100 million songs
  • 1000+ professionally-curated playlists for all business types
  • Custom playlisting with full on-demand interactivity

Empowering Small-to-Medium Businesses, Enterprises, and Franchise Organizations

From providing robust support for small-to-medium businesses, crafting unique soundtracks for enterprise-level organizations, to leading the way in franchise-based music programs, Dynamic Media delivers tailored music solutions to enhance your brand identity, customer experience, and business operations

Powerful Solutions for Small-to-Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Our SMB division serves as the dynamic core of our organization, providing robust support for clients ranging from single location establishments to businesses spanning up to 100 locations. Our SMB team offers expert consulting in crucial areas such as music platform, channel or playlist selection, audio system configuration, and impactful messaging applications, tailoring solutions to help your business resonate with its target audience.

Enterprise Division: Building Bespoke Business Soundtracks

Dynamic Media’s Enterprise Division specializes in designing, executing, and managing uniquely customized music-for-business programs for organizations operating between 100 and 10,000 locations. Every aspect of our enterprise deployments is custom-crafted, from program websites to ecommerce portals, delivering solutions as unique as your business. No project is too intricate or ambitious for our dedicated Enterprise team.

Setting the Bar for Franchise Program Solutions

Our Franchise Program Division leads the way in creating impactful, franchise-based music programs. We deeply understand the critical elements that matter to both franchisees and franchisors – central control, brand-aligned music, and seamless onboarding, to name a few. Our team prides itself on showcasing our proven track record and is eager to demonstrate what we can achieve for your franchise organization.

We wrote the book on background music …

Dynamic Media was recognized as an industry expert with the release of the 2023 Background Music Buyer’s Guide -the only resource in the industry with expert analysis of top providers designed to help businesses choose the best background music provider for their needs.

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