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You know what pairs best with a beer, and it is not another bear or a lime? Some brewery music! Music should be at the top of your list when you’re refining your restaurant, bar, or commercial brewery. It can inspire creativity, mitigate the monotony and loneliness of an overnight shift, or give taproom patrons a feeling of a brewery’s vibe and identity. Keep customers flowing into your facility with SiriusXM background music sound systems. The variety of SiriusXM music channels will pair beautifully with the delicious beer that flows from your taps to your guests’ pallets.

Design Distinct Tasting Areas

The power of satellite or internet radio allows you to select different channels of background music for various rooms throughout your brewery. Control upbeat tunes as guests filter into the main lobby while toning down the beer music to laid-back jams as they taste some amazing brews. Ask your guests about their favorite song choices, and create a request hour when they can pick out their preferred genre. Tasting brews and great music will turn your bar into a lineup of regulars.

No Live-Music Costs

Brewery music is often associated with live acts. Acoustic sets and traditional bands play during the busiest times of the day and night. However, live music costs breweries a lot of money. It’s not possible to always have a musician on hand. The cost of using music for commercial purposes without authorization can be very high. Does that mean we all have to drink our beer in silence? Absolutely not! Allow SiriusXM Music for Business to fill the void. Many channels offer music recorded live from concerts. Play a few of these streaming music channels to see your customers’ reactions to the music. Although the tunes aren’t live in-house, the rhythms and beats still create an attractive ambiance throughout the brewery.

Forget About the Setup Process

With SiriusXM, there’s no complicated setup process that takes several employees to understand and implement. Turn on the satellite or internet commercial music player in the same manner as a traditional receiver. Pick a channel, and turn up the volume. For more control and less effort, set up basic on-and-off times where the system operates itself. There can even be automatic changes to different channels throughout the day. With one setup, you have music that defines your brewery as you focus on the customers’ experiences.

Use Your Current Speaker System

Changing any part of your business sound system is usually an expensive investment. That’s not the case with SiriusXM. In fact, you can use your current speaker system to match with SiriusXM’s internet or satellite receivers. Continue to use your installed speakers so that there’s no major installation necessary when you switch to streaming music. Because your costs are low, you can add SiriusXM at any time without impacting the profit-margin line. The music at your brewery matters. A pleasure that the soundtrack brings into the experience can make your customers perceive the beer’s flavor taste even better.

Benefits of Music in Your Brewery

Control Radios

Conveniently access the portal from any smartphone, tablet, or computer where you can manage all of your radios from one place. Play the same music throughout all of your business or manage locations individually.

Program the Radio to Change During the Day

Use music schedules to program the radio to automatically change channels based on the time and day. You can also change the volume level. We give you complete control of your brewery background music.

Connects to any Commercial Audio System

Connect your radio to your existing sound system or let our music professionals help you design the perfect audio system for your brewery business. We focus We focus on easy-to-use solutions at a price that makes sense.

Two Background Music Options Crafted for Breweries

Everything you need to play legal and licensed music in your brewery.

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SiriusXM Music for Business

  • 240+ SiriusXM Channels
  • Personalized Stations by Pandora
  • Exclusive Business Content
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Play from PC, App, or Physical Player
  • Licensed and Legal
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo

Soundtrack Your Brand

  • 560+ Curated Business Playlists
  • Import Spotify Playlists
  • Create Week-Long Schedules
  • Enterprise-Class Platform
  • Central Portal Control
  • Play from App or Device

Top 5 Recommended Music Channels

SiriusXM Music for Business Channels

Top 40 Hits

From pop to hip-hop and rock to R&B, SiriusXM Hits 1 plays The Most Hit Music!

Rock Hits '70s & '80s Classic Rock

Classic rock’s second generation, with songs from the late ’70s onward.

Classic Rock Hits

Top classic rock tracks from the ’60s and ’70s.

Smooth Electronic

Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.

New Country

The road to New Country direct from Nashville.

Soundtrack Your Brand Channels

Vamos A Bailar

Dance focused Latin sounds

French Chic

Modern indie sounds from France

Good Times Pop

Easy-going pop leaning on mainstream

Hits Of The 80s

Hit parade through the 80s in style

Happy Hour Special

Casual hits for the afterwork crowd

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