90% of callers will hang up within 40 seconds of sitting in silence. Do you blame them?

Callers will stay on the line for up to 4 minutes on average when music on hold players are present. Entertain your caller’s and reduce their perceived wait time by providing them music to listen to while they are on hold.

Featured Productions:

Genre: Professional
Company: Dynamic Media

Genre: Energetic
Company: Rite Aid


  • Play on-hold music for your callers to hear while they wait
  • Music playlists that are designed for your business
  • Large holding music library to choose from
  • Licensed for business use
  • No long term contracts

Recommended Add-Ons

Message On Hold


Entertain your callers and reduce their perceived wait time by adding Message On Hold. People form opinions about your business within the first 10 seconds. Grab their attention from the start with a call on hold music player that plays entertaining waiting music!

Commercial Audio System


Whether you’re a small diner or a professional sports stadium, our audio team has the skills and experience to bring your audio environment to life. We offer easy-to-use music for business solutions at a price that makes sense.