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with Engaging Restaurant Background Music

The only value-added reseller licensed to provide SiriusXM Business and Soundtrack Your Brand. Align your music with your restaurant concept to drive return visits and boost average tickets. 

  • Licensed and legal for all restaurants
  • Thousands of professionally designed channels
  • Create custom song-by-song playlists
  • Get your own dedicated account manager
  • Easy installation and setup

Serving Music to Thousands of Restaurants for over 20 Years

Dynamic Media Brings Together Everything Your Restaurant Needs for Background Music


Select From Thousands of Ready-Made Playlists

Choose from thousands of ready-made professional playlists and channels that are automatically updated to keep your sound fresh and relevant.

Create Your Own Custom Playlists

Create custom song-by-song playlists to establish a unique vibe for your brand, drawing from a catalog of over 100 million licensed songs.

Enhance Your Ambiance

Enhance your restaurant’s ambiance and dining experience by playing background music that aligns with your establishment’s theme and style.

Reinforce Your Brand

Reinforce your restaurant’s unique brand identity by selecting music that resonates with your brand’s image and clientele.

Increase Dining Time

Encourage customers to spend more time, and potentially more money, in your restaurant by creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere with appropriate music.

Reduce Perceived Wait Time

Reduce perceived wait times for tables or food by entertaining customers with enjoyable background music.

Commercial Audio Systems

Leverage our in-house audio expertise as we design, source, and deploy our exclusive DM Commercail Audio speaker systems across the nation, transforming your business soundscape.

Licensed and Legal

Ensure peace of mind for your business with our all-inclusive monthly subscription that covers performance licensing, guaranteeing legal compliance in every note.

Get Set Up In Four Easy Steps (plus we are here to help)

Select Your Music Service

Choose between SiriusXM Business or Soundtrack Your Brand (formerly Spotify Business), two of the world's leading background music services, which are highly recommended for businesses.

Choose a Player

Get a dedicated hardware player to unlock more features and content, or stream music from the convenience of your phone, laptop, or mobile device.

Pick Your Playlist

Choose from thousands of ready-made professional music channels or create your own custom playlist, song by song. Contact us for free music concierge services to help you discover the perfect music for your business.


Delight in the extensive licensed content available through either SiriusXM Business or Soundtrack Your Brand, promising to elevate your atmosphere with a wide range of options.

First, Select Your Music Service
From The World's Two Most Popular Options

Best for
Small Business

Unlock the SiriusXM experience that's trusted by over 40 million subscribers in your business.

  • 240+ professionally-designed music channels
  • 100+ extra channels designed for special occasions, holidays, and more
  • Family-friendly music with no ads
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo
Best for

Get Spotify for your business, including the world's largest music library and custom playlisting.

  • The largest library available - over 100 million songs
  • 1000+ professionally-curated playlists for all business types
  • Custom playlisting with full on-demand interactivity

PLUS, every Dynamic Media customer gets...

Their own dedicated US-based support representative

Access to our national network of installation experts

20 years of experience navigating the complexities of music for business

Check Out the Most Popular Music Channels for Restaurants

Top 40 Hits

From pop to hip-hop and rock to R&B, SiriusXM Top 40 Hits plays The Most Hit Music!

Rock Hits ’70s & ’80s Classic Rock

Classic rock’s second generation, with songs from the late ’70s onward.

Classic Rock Hits

Top classic rock tracks from the ’60s and ’70s.

Smooth Electronic

Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.

Dinner and Drinks

An elegant and feelgood Friday mix

Fast Food Pop

Modern and friendly burger place pop

Family-friendly Restaurant

Easy going and inclusive pop

Lunch Rush Pop

High energy pop to clear tables

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