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Your guest’s experience begins the moment they step foot into your hotel territory. Your interiors, sparkling floors, and detailed decor are perfectly designed. You offer the best food and beverages in the city, and your smiling staff and receptionist provide impeccable service. But what about your hotel music? Is it really as good as it could be? SiriusXM Music for Business offers specially crafted and carefully curated background music for hotels, which can instantly signal what your guests can expect during their stay.

Forging Positive Associations

When there’s no lobby background music as guests wait to check-in, their minds may wander to frustrations about the line ahead of them. Choose your hotel lobby music wisely, and you’ll have clients who associate the songs with their most recent stay. After a vacation, the clients might hear a song on the radio that was playing near your hotel pool one day, and it will transport them back to the same place, time, and feeling. With these thoughts in mind, the clients may end up calling and booking another stay as soon as the song ends.

Matching Music with Locations

When you choose SiriusXM Music for Business, you have a chance to truly customize the property’s vibe. Add upbeat tunes to a pool or hot-tub location while reserving classical music for the hallways. Jazz up the reception area with selections from the deep soul, especially if you have a bayou-decor concept filling the property. There’s a music genre for almost any decor and property personality across the globe. Whether it’s modern music for business travelers, a laid-back soundtrack for vacations by the beach, or something sophisticated for high-end luxury, music shapes a guest’s entire experience during their stay in a hotel. Browse through the music categories on SiriusXM so that you can get an idea of the selections available for your hospitality music system.

Benefiting From Licensed Content

A frustrating element to playing music at a commercial property is licensing. Artists and labels require fees for their music to be played at certain properties. Forget about worrying about this fine detail because SiriusXM for Business covers those licenses. Every song on each channel is fully licensed and legal to play in your facility. Play the music 24 hours a day, while your monthly fee remains the same as long as you’re a paying subscriber. Transform your clientele into loyal, repeat guests and build a unique atmosphere with SiriusXM Music for Business.

Setting the Tone

Every hotel has its own personality and core values, reflecting it its sophistication, authenticity, timelessness. It might be a hip property with classic rock complementing the decor and staff attitudes. A property designed to relax the clientele, such as a spa getaway, deserves calming songs that create a positive vibe before a swim, massage, or other treatment. Continue to offer stellar customer service and transform your hotels into destinations by creating an unforgettable guest experience with ambient music.

Benefits of Music in Your Hotel

Control Radios

Conveniently access the portal from any smartphone, tablet, or computer where you can manage all of your radios from one place. Play the same music throughout all of your business or manage locations individually.

Program the Radio to Change During the Day

Use music schedules to program the radio to automatically change channels based on the time and day. You can also change the volume level. We give you complete control of your background music.

Connect to any Commercial Audio System

Connect your radio to your existing sound system or let our music professionals help you design the perfect hotel audio system for your business. We focus on easy-to-use solutions at a price that makes sense.

Two Background Music Options Crafted for Hotels

Everything you need to play licensed and legal music in your hotel.

Starting as low as $24.95 per month!

SiriusXM Music for Business

  • 240+ SiriusXM Channels
  • Personalized Stations by Pandora
  • Exclusive Business Content
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Play from PC, App, or Physical Player
  • Licensed and Legal
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo

Soundtrack Your Brand

  • 560+ Curated Business Playlists
  • Import Spotify Playlists
  • Create Week-Long Schedules
  • Enterprise-Class Platform
  • Central Portal Control
  • Play from App or Device

Top 5 Recommended Music Channels

SiriusXM Music for Business Channels


Contemporary Pop vocalists including Michael Buble, Susan Boyle and Adele.

Smooth Jazz

Smooth and cool — a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.

Pop Mix Modern

Pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today.

Pop Mix Bright

Contemporary light songs from the brightest stars in pop music.

Classic Jazz

The classic sounds and styles of jazz masters, past and present.

Soundtrack Your Brand Channels

Good Times Pop

Easy-going pop leaning on mainstream

Hits Of The 80s

Hit parade through the 80s in style

Hits Made Easy

Acoustic versions of your favorite songs

Can't Stop Chill Hop

Sparkling hip hop instrumentals

Pre Party Grooves

Cool beats at the hip bar

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