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You’re in a competitive market, and you want to stand out to succeed. Beyond communicating your eyesight expertise, you want to provide a comfortable and reassuring experience to your customers. SiriusXM Music for Business provides energy and warmth to your location, so your guests can sense that you relate well to them. Consider the benefits SiriusXM Music for Business can bring to your optometry office today.

Welcome the Kids

SiriusXM-exclusive channels like Kids Bop Radio and Kids Place Live contain age-appropriate songs that get the kids singing and dancing. The more the children can be entertained with the waiting room music, the more relaxed and prepared they will be for their visit. Use SiriusXM Business music to make your optometry office into a kid-friendly place that your young patients will love.

Dark-Room Distractions

During a standard visit, your patients will often be placed in an dimly lit examination room. Optometry is unlike any other practice because patients need to be comfortable and relaxed to get a proper examination. By using SiriusXM as your optometry office music, the darkroom won’t seem as intimidating as before. Choose soothing background office music to conjure up relaxing thoughts. Experiment with different channels and genres to discover the sounds that support the best patient experience possible. Your optometry office will suddenly gain more appeal of a more comfortable ambiance.

Shopping Entertainment

You want your patients to find frames and glasses that fit their style best. Because specs become an intricate part of their daily look, this shopping time is often an extended period. By turning on SiriusXM Music for Business, you give the customers a fun beat to shop by. They might tap their toes and bounce their head to the songs from your ambient background music system as they try on various glasses.

Calming Those Nerves

For some patients, visiting and shopping at the optometry office is stressful. As their optical caregiver, try to make your customer’s experience as welcoming as possible, which will keep them coming back for regular appointments. SiriusXM Music for Business is entirely commercial-free, clear to the ear, and appropriate for every age. As the curated music fills the room, you’ll see the stress leave patients’ faces as they decide on the best glasses for their style. They’ll remember this calm feeling as they return for another evaluation in a few months.

Benefits of Music in Your Optometry Office

Control Radios

Conveniently access the portal from any smartphone, tablet or computer where you can manage all of your radios from one place. Play the same music throughout all of your business or manage locations individually.

Program the Radio to Change During the Day

Use music schedules to program the radio to automatically change channels based on the time and day. You can also change the volume level. We give you complete control of your background music.

Connects to any Commercial Audio System

Connect your radio to your existing sound system or let our music professionals help you design the perfect audio system for your business. We focus on easy-to-use solutions at a price that makes sense.

Two Background Music Options Crafted for Optometry Offices

Everything you need to play licensed and legal music in your office.

Starting as low as $24.95 per month!

SiriusXM Music for Business

  • 240+ SiriusXM Channels
  • Personalized Stations by Pandora
  • Exclusive Business Content
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Play from PC, App, or Physical Player
  • Licensed and Legal
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo

Soundtrack Your Brand

  • 560+ Curated Business Playlists
  • Import Spotify Playlists
  • Create Week-Long Schedules
  • Enterprise-Class Platform
  • Central Portal Control
  • Play from App or Device

Top 5 Recommended Music Channels

SiriusXM Music for Business Channels

Acoustic Rock

Singer-songwriters and rare acoustic versions of songs.

Pop Mix Modern

Pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today.

Pop Mix Bright

Contemporary light songs from the brightest stars in pop music.

Mellow Rock

Mellow classic rock and ’70s folk rock.

KidzBop Radio

It’s all KIDZ BOP, all the time! The KIDZ BOP Kids host a 24/7 party—featuring today’s biggest hits, sung by kids for kids.

Soundtrack Your Brand Channels

Good Times Pop

Easy-going pop leaning on mainstream

Hits Of The 80s

Hit parade through the 80s in style

Hits Made Easy

Acoustic versions of your favorite songs

Can't Stop Chill Hop

Sparkling hip hop instrumentals

Strumming in the Sun

Uplifting songs buoyed by guitars

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