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Coffee, espresso, and scones are a ubiquitous combination in the world’s coffee shops today. No wonder why you can always find people here gathering with friends with no intention of leaving. Every coffee shop/cafe owner desires and happily encourages these habits for each customer that stops by to chill, relax and unwind with their favorite cup of coffee and side order. Step it up a notch and enhance the customers’ experiences even further with a Sirius coffeehouse music playlist on a commercial audio system. SiriusXM Music for Business is a service that offers endless benefits to the corner coffee shop. Get to know the relationship between coffee house songs and your coffee lovers so that appropriate tunes become part of the ambiance.

The Hangout of Choice

Socializing and being in a safe place is an essential human need and natural tendency. A coffee shop is this space! They have that comfortable scene where people want to congregate, drink their choice brew and converse with others. Adding coffee shop music playlists is the creamer to the experience! This encourages your customers to spend extra time in a welcoming space. Try music that’s indicative of the coffee scene, such as indie rock, soft rock, or jazz. Switch up the genres at times so that fresh music is always associated with a hot cup of coffee. Adding SiriusXM Music for Business to your shop makes customers realize that their favorite tunes are endless because no commercials interrupt their deep conversations.

Improving Thought Processes

Beyond popular belief, customers don’t only visit coffee shops to simply purchase a cup of coffee to go; there’s more to the experience. You’ve probably seen many customers with their laptop computers during these coffee-shop visits. They might be studying, researching, or pulling together a presentation. If you notice that many customers are working during a specific time, carefully tune the coffee shop background music to a classical station. This particular genre has been proven to improve the mind’s operations and problem-solving. People can concentrate on a higher level when there’s ambient sounds around them. Because your customers will associate successful work with your shop, they’ll return for every professional and personal need.

Complete Control between Several Locations

Some coffee shops have different locations. As a business owner, you’re concerned about a cohesive appearance between your shops. Tune your coffee shop music into the same channels across the various locations. Control them from your smartphone or tablet. There’s no need to call a coffee shop and ask for someone to remotely switch a channel. The music is yours to control. Creating the same atmosphere between locations allows you to ma your shop’s reputation and create brand consistency without too much effort or cost. Your customers appreciate the attention to detail, even if it’s just on a subconscious level.

Accent Seasonal Favorites through Messaging

Every season offers different products in the coffee business, such as pumpkin-spice treats. Insert custom messages into the SiriusXM music to let your customers know that the latest flavors are in stock and ready to be brewed. Suggest various add-ons that they might prefer, including whipped cream or buttermilk. These announcements personalize the coffee shop playlists even further because it’s your own feed. Customers might refill their cups, sit back and let go into a sonic world of cool after a fresh music vibe they just heard. Increased sales become the norm with regular announcements because a devoted customer wants to experiment with everything on the menu, so go ahead and confidently entertain their tastebuds!

Benefits of Music in Your Coffee Shop/Cafe

Control Radios

Conveniently access the portal from any smartphone, tablet or computer where you can manage all of your radios from one place. Play the same music throughout all of your business or manage locations individually.

Program the Radio to Change During the Day

Use music schedules to program the radio to automatically change channels based on the time and day. You can also change the volume level. We give you complete control of your background music.

Connects to any Commercial Audio System

Connect your radio to your existing sound system or let our music professionals help you design the perfect audio system for your business. We focus on easy-to-use solutions at a price that makes sense.

Two Background Music Options Crafted for Coffee Shops and Cafes

Everything you need to play licensed and legal café music.

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SiriusXM Music for Business

  • 240+ SiriusXM Channels
  • Personalized Stations by Pandora
  • Exclusive Business Content
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Play from PC, App, or Physical Player
  • Licensed and Legal
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo

Soundtrack Your Brand

  • 560+ Curated Business Playlists
  • Import Spotify Playlists
  • Create Week-Long Schedules
  • Enterprise-Class Platform
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Top 5 Recommended Music Channels

SiriusXM Music for Business Channels

Acoustic Rock

Singer-songwriters and rare acoustic versions of songs.

Pop Mix Modern

Pop and rock hits from the 2000s and today.

Pop Mix Bright

Contemporary light songs from the brightest stars in pop music.

Smooth Electronic

Chill out with a cool, relaxing mix of down-tempo electronica and rock.

Smooth Jazz

Smooth and cool — a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.

Soundtrack Your Brand Channels

Feelgood Oldies

Jubilant 60s-70s pop and soul

Indoor Voices

Soft-spoken singers and gentle sounds

Electronic Juice Mixer

Smooth urban pop

Afrobeats Emerge

African dance R&B takes the crown

Earth And Soul

Unplugged soul music for the ages

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