Message On Hold

90% of callers will hang up within 40 seconds of sitting in silence.

Reduce your caller's perceived wait time for only $9.99/month!

Callers will stay on the line for up to 4 minutes on average when an on-hold message is present. This is your time to shine! Callers who contact you are interested in learning more information about your business.

You have their complete attention. Use our message on hold services to your advantage to tell them about your products or upcoming specials!

Message On Hold Benefits

  • Enhance your business image
  • Inform your callers about hours of operation
  • Provide your website information
  • Create sales opportunities
  • Let them know about special deals or promotions

How It Works

Work with experts to develop a script

Pick your voice actor and music

We will produce your marketing message

Upload the audio file to your message player

Featured Productions

Genre: Professional
Company: Dynamic Media

Genre: Conversational
Company: Just Kids Hair Salon

Genre: Energetic
Company: Rite Aid

Experienced Writers & Vocal Talent

Your customized on hold messaging will be produced by top-tier voice talent. This voice talent paired with our team of script writers will create the perfect marketing message.

Quick Turnaround

In most cases, we’ll have your production back to in two-business days.

Easy to Implement

Custom hold messages are loaded on to your player and connected to your phone system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not unless you want to. If you want to save money by installing the unit yourself, we’re happy to provide free over-the-phone support. That said, our installer network covers all lower 48 states. We’ll be there if you need us.

All you’ll need is our inexpensive on hold player. Connect it to the audio input on your phone system and you’re done.

We sure do. Click here to learn more about music on hold.

No sweat. Adapters allow you to connect to even the smallest phone system. Tell us what you have and we’ll match your system to the required adapter.

On hold messages allow you to reach your customers with a targeted advertisement that turns silence into valuable advertising time for your business. Simply put, it’s the one of the least expensive, most powerful marketing investments you can make.

Our production pricing may be the country’s lowest. $149.99 gets you a 4-minute, 500-word customized on-hold message production.

Most customers who are simply adding the service to their existing system will find that installation is a plug-and-play affair that typically takes only a few minutes. If you have any questions during installation, we’re happy to offer free over-the-phone assistance.

That said, our installation network covers every zip code in the lower 48 states if you ever require technician assistance, or would like a complete audio system installed along with your Combo Player.

Message on hold services with Dynamic Media are only $9.99 per month, and covers all royalty obligations for music and vocal talent used in conjunction with the recorded messages.

Our production pricing may be the country’s lowest:

Message on Hold productions are produced in 4-minute, 500-word recordings of approximately 10 statements and are only $99 each. In-Store Promotion statements are produced in bundles (10) of 30-45 second advertisements, and are only $99 per 10-pack.

Don’t worry, adapters are available that allow our music service to work in conjunction with even the smallest phone system.

To add message on hold to your business’s phone system, an inexpensive message repeater can be used with most phone systems that accept a standard audio input similar to a headphone jack or red and white RCA cables.

Your phone system doesn’t have a standard audio input? Don’t worry, adapters are available that allow even the smallest phone system to become a powerful marketing tool.

Note: If you are an existing PlayNetwork subscriber, no additional equipment is required to add Message on Hold to your business.

To add music on hold to your business’s phone system, one of our music service offerings such as SiriusXM or PlayNetwork can be used with most phone systems that accept a standard audio input similar to a headphone jack or red and white RCA cables.

Music experts are standing by!

If you would like to learn more information about our music for business options, fill out this form and we'll get back to you within one business day.