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Your grocery store might span several thousand square feet, or it may be a compact, mom-and-pop building that caters to the locals. Regardless of the business’s size, the right background music is a powerful tool that significantly impacts purchasing behavior. Many people go shopping just to get rid of stress, and music influences the time and money they spend while in the store. Get your subscription to SiriusXM Music for your grocery store to improve the awareness of certain products and your sales!

Create an Experience

Volume, speed, and rhythm of grocery store music affect the pace of customer flow through the store. By changing the tempo and style of music, you can create a visible change in the atmosphere. If you play effective music, at the right volume, speed and volume, you can make your customers want to stay longer and also want to visit your store again, which will positively reflect on your sales increase. Change the grocery store music to upbeat tunes as people pick out their produce for the week. Popular hits will often fill the aisles so that customers want to stay and enjoy the music. In most cases, you’ll have distinct quiet and busy periods throughout the day. Your SiriusXM music for the business player doesn’t have a fixed volume. You’re able to change it as the volume level rises from customers’ voices. Keep the music’s volume at a perfect level to be heard but not distracting to the customers.

Perking Up Your Employees

Your customers might be in the grocery store for about an hour each time, but your employees may have eight- or 10-hour shifts. The music being played is also for your workers, who need some rhythm to get through the day too. As their employer, you should ask them about certain likes and dislikes when it comes to music. Keeping your employees happy and motivated is essential because they interact with dozens of customers each day, and an effective music strategy can boost their productivity, morale and concentration. Kind employees make the grocery store a positive environment for customers to return for next week’s supplies.

Comfort Equates to Long Visits

Picture yourself as a customer picking up your groceries, and a loud advertisement roars over the grocery store speakers. You’re startled, a bit frazzled, and distracted all at the same time. Most people will probably not feel comfortable, and after looking around a bit, they will quickly leave, heading towards a friendlier, more welcoming store. Standard radio tends to turn up the volume on advertisements so take them out of the equation entirely. SiriusXM radio doesn’t need commercials because you’re paying for a premium service. Your customers will only hear pleasant grocery store background music from various genres without any frustrating breaks. When your customers are happy with the atmosphere in your store, they’ll stay longer, which can take your sales to the next level.

A Mood for Every Space

Every grocery store has numerous spaces that are distinguished by their functions. Break rooms, warehouses, store aisles, and the bakery section are just a few of the spaces that make up your business. Create a mood for every space by choosing certain channels on your music receiver. Reflect your brand identity and put your customers in a buying mood with SiriusXM Music!

Benefits of Music in Your Grocery Store

Control Radios

Conveniently access the portal from any smartphone, tablet, or computer where you can manage all of your radios from one place. Play the same music throughout all of your business or manage locations individually.

Program the Radio to Change During the Day

Use music schedules to program the radio to automatically change channels based on the time and day. You can also change the volume level. We give you complete control of your grocery store background music.

Connect to any Commercial Audio System

Connect your radio to your existing sound system or let our music professionals help you design the perfect audio system for your grocery store business. We focus on easy-to-use solutions at a price that makes sense.

Two Background Music Options Crafted for Grocery Stores

Everything you need to play licensed and legal background music radio in your store.

Starting as low as $24.95 per month!

SiriusXM Music for Business

  • 240+ SiriusXM Channels
  • Personalized Stations by Pandora
  • Exclusive Business Content
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Play from PC, App, or Physical Player
  • Licensed and Legal
Soundtrack Your Brand Logo

Soundtrack Your Brand

  • 560+ Curated Soundtracks
  • Import Spotify Playlists
  • Enterprise-Class Platform
  • Licensed and Legal
  • Device Freedom
  • Block Songs

Top 5 Recommended Music Channels

SiriusXM Music for Business Channels

'80s Pop Hits

The defining hit music of the ’80s. Hosted by the original MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Quinn.

'90s Pop Hits

From the emergence of grunge music to the resurgence of pop music. Hear R&B, rock, hip-hop, dance and techno music.

Smooth Jazz

Smooth and cool — a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.

Smooth Jazz

Smooth and cool — a sophisticated landscape of contemporary jazz.


Contemporary Pop vocalists including Michael Buble, Susan Boyle and Adele.

Soundtrack Your Brand Channels

Strumming in the Sun

Uplifting songs buoyed by guitars

Voices Of Jazz

Ethereal vocal jazz performances

Singer-Songwriters United

Modern day singer-songwriting

Feelgood Oldies

Jubilant 60s-70s pop and soul

Hits Made Easy

Acoustic versions of your favorite songs

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