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Loving your SiriusXM Business music? Immerse in the expansive bliss that over 240+ SiriusXM channels offer beyond your favorite three. Yes, you heard it right. More music, more experiences for your customers and employees.

Discover the undiscovered. SiriusXM Business music seamlessly caters to every taste and mood, whether you need a touch of nostalgia, a bolt of energy, or a calming influence. The sphere of choice is enormous, but the selection needn’t be overwhelming.

We, being the largest global SiriusXM Business provider, leverage our vast database and experience to aid your journey through the musical universe. Our analysis of diverse user patterns has revealed twelve SiriusXM Business channels being loved and used across industries and locations.

Delight in popularity. Enjoy ease of use. Taste the proof of success. Simply add these favorites to your list:

Work Day Mix

Channel – 691

Pop Mix Bright

Channel – 16

Mellow Rock

Channel – 17

80's Pop Hits

Channel – 08

60's Pop Hits

Channel – 693

Rock Hits 70's & 80's

Channel – 25

Top 40 Hits

Channel – 02


Channel – 15

New Country

Channel – 56

Pop Mix Modern

Channel – 05

Rock Pop Mix

Channel – 692

70's Pop Hits

Channel – 07

But that’s not all! Dive deep into the ocean of music genres and styles on our website or app. Personalize your own channel with our online music player. Amplify customer and employee satisfaction. Maximum potential, minimum compromise.

Don’t just settle, explore the melodious journey with SiriusXM Business music that your customers and employees will cherish. Intrigued to get started?

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