SiriusXM Music for Business is happy to announce the holiday broadcasting of Irish Pub in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. This St. Patrick’s Day radio program is specifically for our business subscribers, and will run from March 3rd through March 28th on the Seasonal Holiday streaming channel (ch. 709).

This special program will offer a range of musical selections from traditional Irish folk songs & “reels” (traditional Irish instrumentals), Celtic melodies, and iconic Irish bar songs, as well as music from contemporary bands and artists whose performances feature Irish influences. This program and content will be a great way to engage customers, guests, and even employees with the holiday.

Whether in a restaurant or bar, a doctor’s office or grocery store, let the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day fly high with SiriusXM’s celebratory business playlist. Revel in Gaelic warmth (and luck) of the Irish!