SiriusXM Music for Business is a specialty service uniquely suited to work in your physical therapy practice. You could be a physical therapy assistant schools online representative looking to add SiriusXM Business to your practice. The technique will drive an immediate noticeable improvement in the mood of your clinic and the outcomes of your patients. Read below for the top 5 reasons you need SiriusXM Business Music in your Physical Therapy Practice.

1. Music Licensing is Covered

Let’s start with licensing. Physical therapy offices often tell us that they are concerned about playing any background office music because of licensing concerns. And it’s true. Any music played in a commercial setting must be appropriately licensed. Licensing agencies like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC actively seek out businesses using unlicensed music and asses fines and penalties. These agencies are actually enforcing U.S. copyright law by collecting royalty fees and paying them to the musicians and songwriters that created the music.

The good news is that SiriusXM Music for Business is a licensed commercial service, which means that all licensing fees are included in the low monthly subscription rate. This means it is 100% legal to play in your physical therapy clinic. Remember, consumer services like Pandora, Spotify, FM radio, personal playlists, and even SiriusXM consumer subscriptions are illegal to use in a business. This is why SiriusXM makes a business service that includes specific content, programming, and channels designed just for business. SiriusXM Business service takes the licensing worry off the table for good.

2. Engages Elderly Patients

Geriatric physical therapy is a segment on the rise as baby boomers age into their late 60s and early 70s. This generation is using physical therapy at a rate never seen before as a means to maintain their quality of life. It is important to have a background office music service with enough variety to satisfy the needs of these older patients.

SiriusXM Business is the perfect music service to connect with the inner vitality of your more-seasoned patients. SiriusXM’s award-winning Decades Channels give you one-touch access to channels that play music from each decade starting in 1940 and continuing into the 2000s. Do you have a patient that loves music from the 1960s? No problem. Tune to SiriusXM Channel ‘60s Pop Hits and watch your patient move like they did in their younger years. Connecting older patients to their youth through your background music is the best way to get those muscles, tendons, and joints moving freely again.

3. Brightens Frequent Appointments

Physical therapy is a process that takes a series of treatment sessions to produce positive outcomes. Depending on the patient need, visits may be as often as several times each week. Furthermore, some treatment programs may extend for several months.

By adding physical therapy music into the office, each appointment becomes a unique experience. SiriusXM Business allows you to change musical genres on a regular basis so that your patients experience different songs, rhythms and beats with each visit. Keeping the environment lively and fresh is a key benefit of SiriusXM in your physical therapy center. The music will keep your patients looking forward to each session.

4. Makes Appointments Go By Faster

Some treatment protocols require the use of repetitive motions. These movements are often repeated during each appointment. Although necessary, patients often tell us that these sessions are boring and that time seems to drag on forever.

SiriusXM licensed background music helps to change this perception. The right music played during a session provides a welcomed mental distraction for patients. As patients go through the physical motions, the music shifts their focus from the boredom of the treatment to the interest of the music. The end result is the feeling that time has passed quickly, making the visit more pleasurable than it would have been without music.

5. Perks Up Your Employees

In the physical therapy world, most of the music benefits are associated with patient care, but the right licensed business music will also affect the attitude and energy of your employees. Each day your therapists and associates walk into the office with a purpose. They come to work on a mission to inspire, coach, and heal their patients. As we know, employees are human beings with emotions, which means that music can have a positive effect on them as well. Your employees will see the addition of SiriusXM to your clinic as a massive perk.

Working with patients to select a music channel is fun, entertaining, and creates a way for your therapists to connect personally with their patients. Most of our clients tell us that their employees love the SiriusXM Business music and the positive changes it makes to the vibe of the clinic. The music becomes a tool that helps to motivate and inspire your employees, which translates into a more positive clinic environment and more positive patient outcomes.

There is no doubt that physical therapy clinics have very specific musical needs, and SiriusXM Music for Business is uniquely suited to work in this space. As discussed, using a SiriusXM Business music system in your physical therapy clinic can have an immediate positive impact on patient perceptions, clinical outcomes, and employee morale.

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