Top 5 Reasons to Use SiriusXM Background Music in Your Dental Office

Top 5 Reasons to Use SiriusXM Background Music in Your Dental Office

It’s a reality that most people don’t look forward to their appointments at the dentist. Professionals try to make the experience as welcoming as possible, which keeps the patients coming back for regular appointments. Adding office background music is a subtle way to calm and affect patients’ minds in a positive manner. SiriusXM radio is a paid service that offers music 24 hours a day. Your office can significantly benefit from this dentist office music system choice because of several reasons. Explore how adding waiting room music with SiriusXM radio can change your dental practice with just a few songs.

1. Wide-Variety of Channels

When you subscribe to SiriusXM background music services, you’re greeted by over 100 channels. In fact, you might find the selections so intriguing that you’ll want to experiment with different channels every day. These channels aren’t repetitive variations within one genre either. Discover 12 genres that are truly different from each other. Choose one genre for an entire week, but then switch it to another type next week. Both your employees and patients will anticipate the change as they enjoy the eclectic, subtle background music mixture.

2. No Interruptions

If you’ve listened to standard dental office radio selections before, most of the time is devoted to commercials, station identifications and random banter. Your patients deserve a relaxing environment where the music takes them away from their dental concerns. With SiriusXM, everyone enjoys the pure music. No commercials play during the subscription. Your monthly payment covers any advertising costs that are normally required of standard radio. The day will fly by with constant dental office music playing song after song.

3. Distracts Nervous Patients

Dental patients can be in the evaluation chair for 20 minutes or longer. For most of this time period, they have their eyes closed as dental tools work on their teeth. Because many patients are nervous about their appointments, playing soothing background music while their eyes are closed creates a relaxed atmosphere. The patient may even relax their body so that the dentist can easily access the back molars.

4. Lifts Employees’ Spirits

It’s important to realize that the employees’ happiness at work counts too. With a wide variety of music being played for eight hours straight, workers can groove to the beat as they keep up with the patient load. In many cases, the employees are happier with music in the background.

5. Keeps Your Office Legal

It’s important to use a licensed music service like SiriusXM music for business in your dentist office. FM radio, personal playlists, and personal services like Pandora and Spotify are illegal to use in any business setting. There are agencies like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC that actively check with businesses to make sure they are using a licensed service. If your office is using unlicensed service, these agencies will assess large fines. Be sure to use a licensed service like SiriusXM music for business to keep your office safe and legal.

Choose your SiriusXM music for business today by listening to a few sample channels. There’s a genre for almost every office culture. Whether you want country or easy listening, a quality dental office radio will only please your patients and employees. Removing the commercial chatter of regular radio is the key to any comfortable, dental office.

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New SiriusXM Business Channels!

Introducing 5 New Business Internet Channels and More!

SiriusXM Music for Business has added five new channels to our Internet lineup. There are now over 110 SiriusXM internet radio channels to choose from. Plus some of your favorite channels have been renamed.

Here is everything you need to know about the SiriusXM Business Internet Radio Lineup.


Channel 303
Five decades of artists who had one big hit that stood the test of time.

Yacht Rock Radio

Channel 311
Smooth-sailing soft rock from the late '70s and early '80s. It's the kind of rock that doesn't rock the boat!

Oldies Party

Channel 703
Good Time Oldies from the '50s and '60s! Oldies Party plays the fun hits from the dawn of rock into the Woodstock years.

70s/80s Pop

Channel 704
Dude! You can rock your party with these hits from the '70s & '80s. From Disco to Devo…it’s Masterblaster jammin’ time!

80s/90s Pop

Channel 705
Ya can’t touch this! Essential party hits from the Awesome '80s & the Whassup! '90s…it’s Electric!
sonos music for business

SiriusXM® Music for Business Now Available on Sonos

Sonos services paired with SiriusXM gives restaurants, hotels, retailers, and other businesses a powerful, easy-to-use business music solution to enhance the customer experience.

NEW YORK, May 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SiriusXM and Sonos today announced the debut of SiriusXM Music for Business on Sonos. SiriusXM will demonstrate SiriusXM Music for Business at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, from May 21-24, in booth #4578.

SiriusXM Music for Business is now available for the first time for businesses using Sonos wireless products. The easy-to-use Sonos app enables restaurants, hotels, offices, retailers, and other businesses to integrate SiriusXM’s wide-variety of licensed commercial-free background music from every genre without additional equipment. SiriusXM Music for Business paired with Sonos systems allows businesses to meet the unique requirements of each environment and enhance the customer experience.

“We are thrilled to work with Sonos to give businesses an easy, powerful solution to create a soundtrack for their customers and employees,” said Joe Verbrugge, Executive Vice President, Sales and Development, SiriusXM. “Whether it’s top 40 hits or jazz, songs from the ’80s and ’90s, acoustic music by singers and songwriters, SiriusXM Music for Business is designed to give businesses a wide variety of choice and control over the music that defines their brands.”

“Now that SiriusXM Music for Business is fully integrated into the Sonos controller app, business owners can get the same simple, all-in-one solution that Sonos users enjoy at home to bring the commercial-free music they love from SiriusXM into the workplace and retail environment,” said Andrew Vloyantes, Global Business Development manager for Sonos services.

SiriusXM business music streaming delivers 105 commercial-free internet music channels, more than 30 of which are interruption-free, to keep customers engaged, energized and entertained. All content is licensed and legally available for business use.

For more information about SiriusXM Music for Business and Sonos retailers and dealers, please visit

st patricks day music

St. Patrick’s Day: Celebrate with SiriusXM

Do you have a SiriusXM Satellite Radio? In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve got our Kiss Me I’m Irish T-shirts and we’re spinning a playlist comprised of U2, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys. Plus, we’re debating over how many Shamrock Shakes to order for dessert.

If you’re looking to soundtrack your day of drunken debauchery or get in the spirit with Celtic music, there’s plenty of SiriusXM streaming music to choose from this year, from The Spectrum‘s St. Paddy’s Day Radio to Faction’s Green Puke Irish punk special. Check out this music for St. Patrick’s day on Sirius below:

What: St. Paddy’s Day Radio on The Spectrum (Ch. 28)
When: 3/17 at 6 am ET through 3/18 at 3 am ET
What you’ll hear: Are you a leprechaun? Because you’re in luck! The Spectrum is going green a day-long with a pint-hoisting, shamrock-shaking Irish music explosion, hosted by Larry Kirwan of the Celtic rock band Black 47.

“Listeners are astounded at the sheer breadth and inventiveness of Irish music,” Kirwan explained. “The humanity always shines through because the Irish sing about life and the laughter that goes with it. So join me on St. Patrick’s Day for a good day full of Irish rock music. Sláinte!”

What: Green Puke on Faction (Ch. 41)
When: Throughout the day on 3/17
What you’ll hear: SiriusXM FACTION is projectile vomiting Irish-flavored punk all over the place! Green Puke features music from Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Street Dogs, and more.

What: St. Patrick’s Day Songs on RockBar (Ch. 313)
When: Throughout the day on 3/17
What you’ll hear: The St. Patrick’s Day music jukebox is on full blast at RockBar this year with non-stop rockin’ party songs that’ll have you chugging booze and jigging like a true Irishman, regardless of your heritage.

What:Tim Brennan of Dropkick Murphys Guest DJs on E Street Radio
When: 3/17 at 6 pm ET with replays throughout the weekend on 3/18 at 4 pm ET, 3/19 at 12 am ET, 3/19 at 8 am ET, 3/20 at 3 pm ET, 3/21 at 4 pm ET, 3/22 at 12 am ET, and 3/22 at 8 am ET.
What you’ll hear: Celtic punk rocker Tim Brennan of the Dropkick Murphys plays his favorite Bruce Springsteen songs.

Top 6 Reasons to Use Background Music in Your Bank

If you think your bank needs background music services, you’re probably right. Commercial subscription services like SiriusXM Music for Business provide a legal music option with enough variety to keep everyone happy. Here are the top 6 reasons to use background music in your bank.

1. Music Licensing and Copyright Compliance

U.S. copyright law requires that businesses playing music in public areas pay public performance licensing. The fees for this musical licensing are collected by three agencies, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, who then pay royalties to the artists and musicians that created the music. These fees can be paid directly to the licensing organizations, or alternatively, a business can subscribe to a commercial music service like SiriusXM whereby the licensing fees are collected as part of a monthly service fee and then paid to the licensing organizations. The latter is the less expensive and more common option.

If you have a network of branches, it’s likely that some of them are playing unlicensed background music in the form of FM radio, CDs, or personal playlists, placing the bank at risk of litigation and fines. The musical licensing organizations will not hesitate to take action if such acts are discovered, as they are a litigious bunch, with ASCAP being the most aggressive. ASCAP has a string of six-figure judgements in their favor and they will not hesitate to take action the moment non-compliance is uncovered.

2. Sound Masking, Privacy, and Fraud Protection

Financial firms have a responsibility to safeguard personal financial information. Most institutions have established effective security measures to protect the data stored on their servers, but neglect to fully safeguard client information during its collection and use. This can be challenging in a retail banking environment where personal conversations happen in open floorplan environments, sometimes within only a few feet of each other. Using SiriusXM background music as a sound masking strategy is low-cost way to protect against the unintentional disclosure of private information.

Technically speaking, sound masking is the addition of a background music player to reduce speech intelligibility. In a retail banking environment, sound masking can reduce the negligent disclosure of client information by using music to conceal verbal transmission of confidential information. Not only will this provide protection against fraud, but sound masking will help patrons feel more confident in their interactions with bank personnel, noting that the bank has taken measures to keep their personal information private.

3. Music Drives Increases in Employee Mood and Productivity

Employee satisfaction is an important element to the success of any business. Satisfied employees are more efficient, productive, and customer oriented. Indicators of employee satisfaction include positive mood and increased work efficiency.
Research has shown that background music increases employee satisfaction by raising their efficiency with repetitive tasks, and by also improving their emotional state as they perform their daily tasks. Other research has shown background music for businesses to have a positive effect on employee mood while increasing their work quality when compared to a non-music environment.

4. Reduction in Perceived Wait Times

Research has shown that music for business use reduces the perceived wait times for clients. This research demonstrates that clients will wait longer and more patiently when music is being played when compared to silence. As an additional benefit, radio for businesses have been shown to improve a client’s perception of service after they have been waiting. The research points to a simple reasoning; the music actually transforms the boredom of waiting time to the engagement of experiential time, which customers find entertaining and positive.

Anyone that has ever waited in line at Disney will understand this concept. Disney has mastered the art of transforming waiting time into experiential time by presenting a constant stream of visual and auditory stimulus to the millions that wait in their lines each year. Hotels do the same by providing free coffee or snacks for guests waiting in line.

The benefits of reducing perceived wait time and increasing the perception of customer service are easily within reach for any bank. By implementing background music to transform waiting time into experiential time, your bank can affect an environment where clients will wait longer and more patiently as they are entertained by SiriusXM versus waiting in silence.

5. Consistency in Brand Image and Client Experience

Multi-location bank networks work very hard to maintain a consistent customer experience and brand interaction across all customer touch points. Bringing the enterprise vision to the local branch requires careful control of all environmental factors. From branch layout to interior design to signage, the environment encompasses everything that clients see, touch, hear, and feel.

With all the attention paid to visual elements, most banks have not invested in the auditory elements of the in-branch experience. Stated another way, while the branches may all look the same, they certainly don’t sound the same. Since there is no music platform, a client may hear anything from silence to FM radio to potentially offensive content from an employee’s iPod as they move from branch to branch. This lack of auditory consistency confuses clients and works to diminish their perception of the bank’s brand credibility.

An enterprise music program will immediately control and correct this problem. Playing consistent music across all locations will bring forth a pleasing auditory environment, affecting a positive brand perception among your beloved client base.

6. Music Improves the Bank Environment

Whether or not we realize it on a conscious level, music directly affects our emotional state. Music helps us learn, music develops rapport, and music helps us focus. Research shows that, when compared to silence, bank music helps to create a welcoming atmosphere and can energize those listening to it. It’s used by all of the world’s largest retail brands to connect with customers and energize employees. It’s an important environmental tool that can have a positive effect on everyone that interacts with your bank.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to implement background music in your bank. Not only might it save you from an unwelcome inquiry from the licensing music agencies, but it might produce a host of happy customers and dedicated employees too!

New SXM Music for Business Internet channel Guide

SiriusXM Music for Business Expands with 13 New Streaming Channels

Attention SiriusXM Music for Business streaming clients. We have good news!

SiriusXM Music for Business is adding 13 new channels of exclusive SiriusXM content to its streaming business service. Business subscribers will now enjoy an extremely diverse array of commercial-free music spread over 95 channels that are all licensed and legal for business use. To take it even further, SiriusXM has developed a Limited Edition business channel that will play special “pop-up” content, giving businesses access to themed holiday music and live special events.

All SiriusXM streaming business clients will automatically receive the new Sirius music stations beginning August 13, 2015. If you have questions or would like to learn more about SiriusXM music for your business, contact Dynamic Media at 1-800-684-7050.

Here are all the details on the new channel expansion!

  • SiriusXM will be launching its expanded Music for Business catalog on August 13, 2015.
  • The expansion applies to business streaming customers only. This does not apply to consumer accounts, nor does it apply to business satellite customers.
  • The new SiriusXM channel lineup will automatically appear on your radio. All you have to do is tune in and enjoy!
  • The expansion includes:
    • 13 new music channels
    • A Limited Edition business channel to support pop-up content for holidays and special events
    • 9 channels moved to new channel numbers
    • 3 channels removed

New Channels
Here is the Sirius xm radio channel guide! The 13 new SiriusXM music channels designed to round out your business music experience. The new streaming music channels were selected and programmed based on feedback from business subscribers just like you!

Channel Channel Name Description Genre
4 Pitbull’s Globalization Rhythmic Hits from Around the Globe Global Rhythms
13 Velvet Pop – Today’s Pop Vocalists Pop
18 Limited Edition Special Content for Holidays and Occasions Various
47 SiriusXM Fly Hip-Hop & R&B from the ‘90s & 2000s R&B
162 CBC Radio 3 Canadian Indie Music First Canadian Indie
163 Ici Musique Chansons Canadian – SiriusXM’s “Chansons” Music Channel Indie
166 Attitude Franco Canadian – The New Rock Alternative Canadian Rock
171 Ici
Francophone & Canadian Country-Folk Canadian,Country/Folk
173 The
Canadian – New & Emerging Indie/Alternative Canadian, Indie/Alternative
300 Poptropolis Decades,of Pop Music Pop
314 SiriusXM Turbo Hard Rock from the 90’s & Early 2K Rock
762 Iceberg Canadian – The New Rock Alternative Rock
763 Attitude Franco Canadian – Rock Alternative Rock

Channels that Moved
To keep things organized and intuitive, SiriusXM moved some existing channels to new channel numbers. See the chart below for a list of everything that has moved. Time to reset the presets!

Old Channel New Channel Channel Name Genre
31 14 Coffeehouse Pop
46 43 Backspin Hip-hop
47 46 The Heat R&B
150 69 Caliente Latino
4 73 40s Old Name: 40s on 4
New Name: Jazz/Standards
148 305 Aguila Latino
523 306 Caricia Latino
500 307 Latin Pop Hits Latin
69 751 Escape R&B

Channels No Longer Available
SiriusXM removed three channels. If you were affected by this, tune into our Recommended Alternative Channel to hear content similar to the channel that was removed.

Old Channel Channel Name Genre Recommended Alternative Channel
149 La Mezcla Latino Try Caliente on Channel 69
500 Latin Pop Hits Latino Try Caliente on Channel 69
702 Vocal Pop Pop Try Poptropolis on Channel 300

This expansion marks another move by SiriusXM to bring the best streaming content to businesses across North America. If you are interested about SiriusXM for your business, or have questions about the service, please contact Dynamic Media at 1-800-684-7050.

Ryan Santangelo Ph.D.

small business music

Top 7 Reasons: Why SiriusXM Background Music is Best for Your Small Business

Small-to-Medium Sized Business (SMB) owners often struggle with finding a business music provider that can deliver the right music, in the right way, at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

SMBs know that “the right” background music will improve how customers feel about their business, affect how much money their customers will spend, and influence how often they return. The best way to achieve these goals is to create custom background music for businesses, but doing so is often expensive and difficult.

With custom background music for businesses often out of reach for the standard SMB, many business owners attack the music problem by raiding their MP3 library and trying to build their own playlists, playing regular FM radio, or by using unlicensed consumer music services like Spotify. It doesn’t take long before the MP3 playlists get stale and repetitive. The constant stream of competitor commercials and senseless chatter on FM radio turns that option cold quickly, and consumer services will often earn an SMB a threatening letter from the music licensing police.
Top Reasons to Get SiriusXM Music for Business for your SMB

In a time where most of the traditional background music providers have shifted their focus to enterprise customers, SiriusXM has created specialized products and music channels designed for the SMB customer. Here are a few reasons why SiriusXM works so well in the small-to-medium sized business.

1 – Dedicated Business Channels
SiriusXM’s Internet Music for Business service has over 30 Sirius music stations programmed specifically for business. These channels are programmed to include only clean, business-friendly content. There are no station identifications or interruptions, which means business owners will enjoy an unlimited stream of music without interruption.

2 – Dedicated Business Equipment
SiriusXM hardware platform is the best value in the industry. The SiriusXM Business Internet player is a dedicated business-grade music platform designed to work in the SMB space. The player is packed with enterprise features like centralized management, music scheduling, and remote security. Take a look at our SiriusXM Internet Business player product review for more information.

3 – Low Cost Service
SMB owners are always interested in making smart financial decisions. At under $30 per month, SiriusXM is the lowest priced service option in the music for business category, a sure-fire way to make business owners happy.

4 – A Brand Everyone Knows and Trusts
With over 27 million subscribers, SiriusXM is the world’s most popular paid music service. Customers are always more inclined to connect with music that is familiar to them. With roughly one-in-twelve Americans currently subscribing to the SiriusXM service, it’s a safe bet that customers will recognize and appreciate the SiriusXM music they hear as they patronize the SMB.

5 – SiriusXM is a Big Brand that is Financially Healthy
How big is SiriusXM in the background music space? In terms of scale, SiriusXM is nearly 10 times as large as all of the companies in the background music industry combined. With billions in annual revenue, SiriusXM is financially healthy and provides a safe option for any SMBs background music.

6 – The Best Music Programmers
SiriusXM attracts, develops, and retains the best music programmers in the world. The same programming talent responsible for entertaining 27 million subscribers is the same programming talent responsible for the ambient music played to your customers. That’s a lot of programming talent for under $30 per month.

7 – Licensed and Legal for Use in Business
SiriusXM Music for Business is licensed and legal for use in business. Custom iPod playlists and consumer services like Spotify are not licensed for public performance use. For one low monthly price, you will receive the SiriusXM music and all the licensing you need to keep your SMB clear of the performance rights organizations.

SiriusXM Music for Business is an excellent option for the SMB. The background music for business service is available through Dynamic Media, SiriusXM’s largest authorized national reseller. Contact Dynamic Media at 1-800-684-7050 for more information on business music services or to sign up. Click here to request a Free Quote.

Dynamic Media is a national authorized reseller for SiriusXM Music for Business and is one of the fastest-growing music for business providers in the country. Headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Dynamic Media provides background music for business, DirecTV for business, customized on-hold and in-store messaging services and commercial audio systems.