At Dynamic Media, we resell SiriusXM Music for Business on a national level and have been doing so for many years. Many of our clients are SiriusXM consumer subscribers and want to use SiriusXM in their businesses. When we explain that the cost of the business subscription is higher than the consumer subscription, they rightfully ask why. The answer: Licensing.

It works like this …

Music that is played on the premises of a business for the enjoyment of patrons and others is deemed a “public performance” by the music artist, for which a royalty fee must be paid to performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.

Thus, if you are playing a music mix from your iPod or computer, you are probably breaking the law. To play music legally, you can either contract directly with each of the licensing organizations, or, as is more common in practice, purchase a commercial music service that manages the royalty payments as part of a monthly subscription fee. Subscribing with a commercial background music service for your background music system is always less expensive than contracting directly with the licensing agencies.

Our licensed music for business subscriptions include all of the licensing and music in a single monthly fee. In addition to having the music playlists managed and kept current by professional music directors, but you’ll always know your music legal to play in your business.

The licensing agencies take music for business use seriously. If you have questions about whether your business music is properly licensed, call our team of background music services professionals at 800-684-7050.

About the Author
Dr. Ryan Santangelo is Co-Founder and President of Dynamic Media, the nation’s leading provider of background music, music on hold, and message on hold for business. With over 10 years of leadership in the business music space, Dynamic Media serves over 20,000 business clients across the United States and in 12 countries around the world. With award-winning service and a customer-drive culture, Dynamic Media is one of the fastest growing full-service providers for office music licensing subscriptions in the country.