Small-to-Medium Sized Business (SMB) owners often struggle with finding a business music provider that can deliver the right music, in the right way, at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

SMBs know that “the right” background music will improve how customers feel about their business, affect how much money their customers will spend, and influence how often they return. The best way to achieve these goals is to create custom background music for businesses, but doing so is often expensive and difficult.

With custom background music for businesses often out of reach for the standard SMB, many business owners attack the music problem by raiding their MP3 library and trying to build their own playlists, playing regular FM radio, or by using unlicensed consumer music services like Spotify. It doesn’t take long before the MP3 playlists get stale and repetitive. The constant stream of competitor commercials and senseless chatter on FM radio turns that option cold quickly, and consumer services will often earn an SMB a threatening letter from the music licensing police.
Top Reasons to Get SiriusXM Music for Business for your SMB

In a time where most of the traditional background music providers have shifted their focus to enterprise customers, SiriusXM has created specialized products and music channels designed for the SMB customer. Here are a few reasons why SiriusXM works so well in the small-to-medium sized business.

1 – Dedicated Business Channels
SiriusXM’s Internet Music for Business service has over 30 Sirius music stations programmed specifically for business. These SiriusXM music channels are programmed to include only clean, business-friendly content. There are no station identifications or interruptions, which means business owners will enjoy an unlimited stream of music without interruption.

2 – Dedicated Business Equipment
SiriusXM hardware platform is the best value in the industry. The SiriusXM Business Internet player is a dedicated business-grade music platform designed to work in the SMB space. The SiriusXM player is packed with enterprise features like centralized management, music scheduling, and remote security. Take a look at our SiriusXM Internet Business player product review for more information.

3 – Low Cost Service
SMB owners are always interested in making smart financial decisions. At under $30 per month, SiriusXM is the lowest priced service option in the licensed music for business category, a sure-fire way to make business owners happy.

4 – A Brand Everyone Knows and Trusts
With over 27 million subscribers, SiriusXM is the world’s most popular paid music service. Customers are always more inclined to connect with music that is familiar to them. With roughly one-in-twelve Americans currently subscribing to the SiriusXM service, it’s a safe bet that customers will recognize and appreciate the SiriusXM music they hear as they patronize the SMB.

5 – SiriusXM is a Big Brand that is Financially Healthy
How big is SiriusXM in the business background music space? In terms of scale, SiriusXM is nearly 10 times as large as all of the companies in the background music industry combined. With billions in annual revenue, SiriusXM is financially healthy and provides a safe option for any SMBs background music.

6 – The Best Music Programmers
SiriusXM attracts, develops, and retains the best music programmers in the world. The same programming talent responsible for entertaining 27 million subscribers is the same programming talent responsible for the ambient music played to your customers. That’s a lot of programming talent for under $30 per month.

7 – Licensed and Legal for Use in Business
SiriusXM Music for Business is licensed and legal for use in business. Custom iPod playlists and consumer services like Spotify are not licensed for public performance use. For one low monthly price, you will receive the SiriusXM music and all the licensing you need to keep your SMB clear of the performance rights organizations.

SiriusXM Music for Business is an excellent option for the SMB. The background music for business service is available through Dynamic Media, SiriusXM’s largest authorized national reseller. Contact Dynamic Media at 1-800-684-7050 for more information on business music services, internet and satellite radio, background music players, or to sign up. Click here to request a Free Quote.

Dynamic Media is a national authorized reseller for SiriusXM Music for Business and is one of the fastest-growing music for business providers in the country. Headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan, Dynamic Media provides background music for business, DirecTV for business, customized on-hold and in-store messaging services and commercial audio systems.