Use music to improve doctors’ concentration during surgery.

For years doctors across the country have come to Dynamic Media seeking or SiriusXM Music for Business Surgical Center Package for use in their resident surgery suites. The doctors know that using a commercial music player in the operating room improves concentration, relaxation, and cognitive function in stressful environments. Improved cognition means less mistakes, which is why our Surgical Center Package is by far our most popular healthcare implementation.

Our surgical suite package provides each surgical suite with a SiriusXM Business radio, single-room audio system, wall mounting system, and independent volume control. The background music system provides the surgical team with a broad range of music options that include 85 channels of SiriusXM music spanning nearly every musical genre. Each surgical suite can select their channel independent of the other suites, allowing each doctor to customize his or her listening experience. The single-room audio system gives the surgical team the flexibility to adjust the volume to their individual preference. The wall mounting system for your streaming background music player is compact and easy to place in the surgical suite so as to be accessible yet out of the way. It’s important to note that the SiriusXM Business Music Package is licensed and legal for use in your hospital, which is an important compliance consideration for any healthcare provider.

We hear from doctors all the time that listening to SiriusXM Music in the operating room during surgery instantly changes the atmosphere for the better. The doctors tell us that the tempo and pace of the procedures improve with music during surgery. The music for hospitals helps to keep the surgical team relaxed, focused, and in harmony during the long and stressful days in the surgical suite. The surgery music system an important tool that doctors are quick to use for their advantage.

If you are interested in implementing SiriusXM Music for Business in your surgery center, please give our team a call at 1-800-684-7050. Our sales engineers will provide a custom quote for your hospital that includes a complete specification, images of the background music player equipment, SiriusXM business channel guides, and best practices for implementation.

About the Author
Dr. Ryan Santangelo is Co-Founder and President of Dynamic Media, the nation’s leading provider of background music, music on hold, and message on hold for business. With over 10 years of leadership in the business music space, Dynamic Media serves over 20,000 business clients across the United States and in 12 countries around the world. With award-winning service and a customer-driven culture, Dynamic Media is one of the fastest growing full-service business music providers in the country.