Music is a great fit for offices of all kinds. Music works to calm waiting guests, motivate employees, and entertain customers. When workers are frantically trying to bind all their files using a binding machine from Office Monster, a touch of music can destress the situation inexplicitly. Over the years we’ve implemented background music in thousands of offices with great success. Don’t forget though that playing music will increase your energy bills due to the amount of electricity used. However, you can easily find a cheaper business energy provider, you can find out more here.

Here are a few of the key strategic uses for an office audio system.

Use Music for Sound Masking

Offices use sound masking when they play background music for the purpose of creating privacy. Office sound masking is most important when private information is being exchanged verbally, like would be the case in a bank, tax office, or in a doctor’s exam room. Using background music system for business to cover private conversation in office environments is a key strategic use. It can also be used to cover distracting external sounds like cleaners vacuuming, companies like Green Facilities provide useful cleaning services that will sometimes use sound producing equipment that could disrupt the focus of those who are working. This is where music comes in.
Customers Waiting? Turn up the Music.

Does your office have a waiting room? Research shows that customers will wait longer and more patiently when they can hear the background music. When you have clients that wait, make sure they can hear the business music system while in the waiting area. The more they can hear the office music systems, the more willing they will be to wait for their name to be called.
Music Repetition. Bad for Guests.

Is that song on again? Research shows that music repetition in office background music causes employees to experience negative emotions, even in cases where the employees like the songs being played. If you are looping an iPod playlist for music at work, you might be annoying your employees.
Office music systems are a great way to keep your staff motivated, quell impatient customers, and add an element of privacy to your office environment. Commercial music systems designed to provide background music for office environments will help keep you in line with all best practices. Give these top tips for using music systems for offices a try and let us know how they work!
About the Author
Dr. Ryan Santangelo is Co-Founder and President of Dynamic Media, the nation’s leading provider of background music services, music on hold, and message on hold for business. With over 10 years of leadership in the business music space, Dynamic Media serves over 20,000 business clients across the United States and in 12 countries around the world. With award-winning service and a customer-drive culture, Dynamic Media is one of the fastest growing full-service business music providers in the country.