Attention SiriusXM Music for Business streaming clients. We have good news!

SiriusXM Music for Business is adding 13 new channels of exclusive SiriusXM content to its streaming business service. Business subscribers will now enjoy an extremely diverse array of commercial-free music spread over 95 channels that are all licensed and legal for business use. To take it even further, SiriusXM has developed a Limited Edition business channel that will play special “pop-up” content, giving businesses access to themed holiday music and live special events.

All SiriusXM streaming business clients will automatically receive the new Sirius music stations beginning August 13, 2015. If you have questions or would like to learn more about SiriusXM music for your business, contact Dynamic Media at 1-800-684-7050.

Here are all the details on the new channel expansion!

  • SiriusXM will be launching its expanded Music for Business catalog on August 13, 2015.
  • The expansion applies to business streaming customers only. This does not apply to consumer accounts, nor does it apply to business satellite customers.
  • The new SiriusXM channel lineup will automatically appear on your radio. All you have to do is tune in and enjoy!
  • The expansion includes:
    • 13 new music channels
    • A Limited Edition business channel to support pop-up content for holidays and special events
    • 9 channels moved to new channel numbers
    • 3 channels removed

New Channels
Here is the Sirius xm radio channel guide! The 13 new SiriusXM music channels designed to round out your business music experience. The new streaming music channels were selected and programmed based on feedback from business subscribers just like you!

Channel Channel Name Description Genre
4 Pitbull’s Globalization Rhythmic Hits from Around the Globe Global Rhythms
13 Velvet Pop – Today’s Pop Vocalists Pop
18 Limited Edition Special Content for Holidays and Occasions Various
47 SiriusXM Fly Hip-Hop & R&B from the ‘90s & 2000s R&B
162 CBC Radio 3 Canadian Indie Music First Canadian Indie
163 Ici Musique Chansons Canadian – SiriusXM’s “Chansons” Music Channel Indie
166 Attitude Franco Canadian – The New Rock Alternative Canadian Rock
171 Ici
Francophone & Canadian Country-Folk Canadian,Country/Folk
173 The
Canadian – New & Emerging Indie/Alternative Canadian, Indie/Alternative
300 Poptropolis Decades,of Pop Music Pop
314 SiriusXM Turbo Hard Rock from the 90’s & Early 2K Rock
762 Iceberg Canadian – The New Rock Alternative Rock
763 Attitude Franco Canadian – Rock Alternative Rock

Channels that Moved
To keep things organized and intuitive, SiriusXM moved some existing channels to new channel numbers. See the chart below for a list of every Sirius channel that has moved. Time to reset the presets!

Old Channel New Channel Channel Name Genre
31 14 Coffeehouse Pop
46 43 Backspin Hip-hop
47 46 The Heat R&B
150 69 Caliente Latino
4 73 40s Old Name: 40s on 4
New Name: Jazz/Standards
148 305 Aguila Latino
523 306 Caricia Latino
500 307 Latin Pop Hits Latin
69 751 Escape R&B

Channels No Longer Available
SiriusXM removed three channels. If you were affected by this, tune into our Recommended Alternative Channel to hear content similar to the channel that was removed.

Old Channel Channel Name Genre Recommended Alternative Channel
149 La Mezcla Latino Try Caliente on Channel 69
500 Latin Pop Hits Latino Try Caliente on Channel 69
702 Vocal Pop Pop Try Poptropolis on Channel 300

This expansion marks another move by SiriusXM to bring the best streaming content to businesses across North America. If you are interested about SiriusXM for your business, or have questions about the service, please contact Dynamic Media at 1-800-684-7050.

Ryan Santangelo Ph.D.