Top 5 Reasons to Use SiriusXM Background Music in Your Dental Office

It’s a reality that most people don’t look forward to their appointments at the dentist. Professionals like those at Dentist Houston try to make the experience as welcoming as possible, which keeps the patients coming back for regular appointments, whether it’s for a simple check up or something that requires more assistance like dental implants for example. Adding office background music is a subtle way to calm and affect patients’ minds in a positive manner. SiriusXM radio is a paid service that offers music 24 hours a day. Your office can significantly benefit from this dentist office music system choice because of several reasons. Explore how adding waiting room music with SiriusXM radio can change your dental practice with just a few songs.

1. Wide-Variety of Channels

When you subscribe to SiriusXM background music services, you’re greeted by over 100 channels. In fact, you might find the selections so intriguing that you’ll want to experiment with different channels every day. These dentist music channels aren’t repetitive variations within one genre either. Discover 12 genres that are truly different from each other. Choose one genre for an entire week, but then switch it to another type next week. Both your employees and patients will anticipate the change as they enjoy the eclectic, subtle background music mixture.

2. No Interruptions

If you’ve listened to standard dental office radio selections before, most of the time is devoted to commercials, station identifications and random banter. Your patients deserve a relaxing environment where the office background music takes them away from their dental concerns. With SiriusXM, everyone enjoys the pure music. No commercials play during the subscription. Your monthly payment covers any advertising costs that are normally required of standard radio. The day will fly by with constant dental office music playing song after song.

3. Distracts Nervous Patients

Dental patients can be in the evaluation chair for 20 minutes or longer. For most of this time period, they have their eyes closed as dental tools work on their teeth. Because many patients are nervous about their appointments, playing soothing background music for the dentist office while their eyes are closed creates a relaxed atmosphere. The patient may even relax their body so that the dentist can easily access the back molars.

4. Lifts Employees’ Spirits

It’s important to realize that the employees’ happiness at work counts too. With a wide variety of music being played for eight hours straight, workers can groove to the beat as they keep up with the patient load. In many cases, the employees are happier with pleasing music from a dental office sound system.

5. Keeps Your Office Legal

It’s important to use a licensed music service like SiriusXM music for business in your dentist office. FM radio, personal playlists, and personal services like Pandora and Spotify are illegal to use in any business setting. There are agencies like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC that actively check with businesses to make sure they are using a licensed service. If your office is using an unlicensed service, these agencies will assess large fines. Be sure to use a licensed service like SiriusXM music for business to keep your office safe and legal.

Choose your SiriusXM music for business today by listening to a few sample office music channels. There’s a genre for almost every office culture. Whether you want country or easy listening, a quality dental office radio will only please your patients and employees. Removing the commercial chatter of regular radio is the key to any comfortable, dental office.

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